Reccomendations ~$300?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by x94x, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Something in that range would be helpful, i just broke my 2 foot HiSi :mad:
  2. get a vape for sure.
  3. I should have been specific. A bong, mainly a beaker/erlenmeyer bottomed type tube.

    I have a volcano classic. I just like the complement :hello:
  4. Triple percd halo
  5. Sounds like a great suggestion, but where to buy? Is it a common thing for a nice head shop to carry?
  6. yes .
  7. do NOT get a triple perc halo. that shit would drag like a motherfucker. You have to be more specific, do you want a perc, or is thickness more important? how tall do you like your bongs?
  8. Go for a Wicked Sands or Lux mini. Both are very well blown pieces, and are around $250.
  9. Just go to your local headshop and pick something out....
  10. I definitely want a perc'd piece, the thickness also matters, but id rather have a good combination of both (obviously)
  11. my 9mm US Tubes beaker bottom was $240
  12. you can get an EHLE, WS, low end ROOR, ILLY, PHIRE, SG, or TORO for around that price... or you can pick up a nice no named piece by a local blower thats typically been worked over pretty good for that price. just keep shopping around til you find something you cant live w/o.
  13. Toro Stemless or Mini.

    Wicked Sands 10 arm whatever

    HBG Inline

    ITZA Stemless

    If your ok with not being perc'd check out

    US Tubes



    With one of those you could get a cheaper one and AC and have a great setup. Hope that helps
  14. 20" Cobalt Illadelph beaker bottom, headyglass dot com has one for sale for 315$.

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