Reccomend me a whole Hydroponics system.

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  1. Hy there,

    I am just getting in to growing but have read a lot about it and want to start off with a hydroponic system but looking on the internet I dont really know where to start and was wondering if some more advanced growers on grasscity could reccomend me some supplies. I have a 400 watt light which can do metal hallide and high pressure sodium lighting and the seeds for two blueberry two white widow and two jack flash plants. I need specific product names for rockwool propagation trays, a six plant hydroponic system that is simple to use, organic hydroponic nutrients, anything else I will need to grow these plants, and if possible a good [allmost like a day by day] guide to growing hydroponics. If anyone knows a good website for purchasing recccomended supplies that would be cool too. BTW first post on grasscitry, been snooping around a while though haha.

    Thanks, Jack.
  2. Hi there

    There are several different hydroponic methods, ebb and flow, bubbler buckets, NFT... Firstly decide which of these to use depending on grow space, lighting etc...(READ)

    I use a 4 pot bubbler system, but they are also available in a 6 pot variety from
    that site will also sort you out with rockwool (pretty cheap), nutes (eco grow and eco bloom - 3 part nutrient formula) and ph up/down...

    For a growing guide i found the best way is to look through other grown journals and then u can see roughly where ur plants should be at after certian numbers of weeks...

    hope that helps
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    First read all the details and requirements of hydroponics system and then turn it in to actions. By the Hydroponics Xpress you can take help of any issue regarding hydroponics system :)
  4. Read in the hydro section and read some grow diaries- they take you step by step. 
  5. Growing MJ is more of a personal kind of thing unless you're growing in an environment where certain things are "required". As far as recommending a complete system, it's 100% up to you. Do you want to spend $1000+ on something someone else told you to buy then fail miserably because you don't know how to use it? We've all done research and made choices. It's a good idea to make a choice then ask for specific help, it's just more productive and will help you succeed. Get a setup and get to growing, we'll help you when you're ready. You're not ready yet.

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