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Recap on my past week and a lil

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Misfit, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. Ok to start off on the 12th i got cought by campus saftey for smokeing in the woods. first time ever being cought by anyone in 5 years. 2 sketch ass girls were hideing in the bush thats how we got cought. now relize i was pretty far back in the woods at night. saw cs and told my friend to ditch the roach. he did and they found nothing. so they couldnt charge us with anything. then the next day i was smokeing at my friends appt and when we were walking out there were about 15 cop cars outside. this sent me into a bit of paranioa(sp?). they were busting a party i found out. (roanoke cops have nothing better to do) then a lil later that week i smoked a blunt and a bowl then went and hit the gravity bong. thickest smoke i have ever seen in my life. blacked out then puked 3 times from it. damn was i high. when i blacked out i was in another world i swear it. i couldnt even look at the celing it made me too dizzy but i fell asleep and woke up a bit later high as all sin. then a this past tuesday i tried MG seeds. really only made me puke. lol ohwell it was worth a shot. then between 3 of us we smoked an 8th on a car ride. id say ive been pretty well off this past 2 weeks
  2. A friend of mine might be going to Roanoke.
  3. if he goes here send me his sn or somthing
  4. ...but somehow that was on the ocean and im in south west virginia lol
  5. i know of a roanoke island off the coast of NC :D does that count?

  6. Huh?
  7. The mystery of Roanoke took place between the years 1587-1590. John White, the Governor of Virginia, and 116 English women men and children went to settle Roanoke Virginia. A community was started, crops were planted, and the first English baby was born in the new world. However, the crops failed and John White was sent back to England for more supplies in 1587. He made several attempts to return to Roanoke, but was not successful until 1590. When he returned to Roanoke, the only remains of the community were a few bones and some burned down houses. There was also a stake with the word Croatoan carved into it. What occurred during John White's absence has never been discovered.

  8. thats creepy shit. I wish i had a magical globe so i could look into the past. Not the future, just the past.
  9. Thats real creepy. After figuring that out, I did more research and came across Quite a bit of information about it, plus a bunch of other conspiracy theories. Good read.
  10. i heard something about a tribe of indians near roanoke that is half white and half native. There's a theory that a native tribe attacked the village and those who didn't die were assimilated into the tribe. pretty crazy stuff.

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