rebirth of the 60's

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Kaleidoscope, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Do you ever think in the somewhat distance future when another world war happens, And our governments all force us to go to war. Wouldn't the whole world just sidling change? That any night we could be attacked, and than the next years of our lives would be spent serving the government and going to war. And if that happened the husbands would come back and probably start a family. Which would go to increase of population again. All the while there are many and much war talk the new generation would probably support peace and love. so i think there is still a chance that humans could come back together, all were groovy cloths and bang and strum on instruments and draw, paint. Revolution!. A new Breed of hippies. A new way of life... Maybe different, more powerful drugs? enhanced LSD-25. Without any side effects.
    So out of Destruction will come beauty, birth, love and peace.
  2. its an optomistic thought indeed. but i think ww3 will be an all out nuclear war, not something like ww2 where a baby boom happens.

    i think that the ripples from the 60's are still going outward, its been pushed underground but its still happeneing. before the 60's pot and psychedelics were unknown drugs. there was no research on mushrooms/peyotee. weed was labeled to be smoked my mexicans only. but now psychedelics, including weed, are huge.

    the only thing holding us back is the fact that there is not enough young people to have a revolution on the scale of the 60's.

    woodstock 66(?) had nearly 500,000 people in attendance. bonaroo last year had roughly 90,000. that shows me that there are very few young people out there supporting the cause. plus bonaroo is a comercialized crap that costs 180$ a ticket while woodstock was free.


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