reassure me they are buds

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by firsttimernoob, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. it is my first grow and i just want someone to tell me those are buds growing

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  2. uhmm... looks like a male to me?
  3. Sorry Firsttimernoob,

    Punkhazard is right.


    Both pics show males.
  4. sorry man... you can still smoke the leaves, but you'll most likely get a headache than a high, you can make hash, or u can use it for compost. but u cant use it for bud.
  5. can it still be hermie?
  6. no, hermi's, start off as females, then grow balls
  7. Exactly.
  8. I feel like i've just watched gay porno :/ sorry to see you got males.
  9. well i guess i get to do some more research on how to turn this 3 1/2 foot plant into some hash

    anybody know where a good how to make hash guide
  10. search for iso hash. Basicly get rubbing alcohol from the store. The highest avaliable I think is 91%, get that. Basicly just soak everything in the alcohol for a few minutes and strain it. Throw the plant matter away, its useless now. Let the alcohol evaporate and scrape up your hash :)

    Double check on how long you let everything soak. I've heard at least a few minutes but nothing over like 10 minutes because it starts to breakdown the clorylfil(?) and other stuff which will filter through with the magic alcohol.
  11. im gonna need alot of alcohol
  12. not if you cut it up into little pieces.

    Which is also how you get rid of a dead hooker.
  13. definately.
    theres a good one on 6 ways to make hash on the seasoned tokers sub-forum. should be a sticky. good luck.
  14. Looks like a "scrotum tree" :D

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