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Reasons why some people dont smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DopeGame, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Alot of people hate weed, why do they hate it? its probably because
    1 there just fed information from idiots who dont know what there talkingabout and jsut assume all drugs are bad, and that reslly botheres me, like
    what happens if we go to lets say a church and say all cathrolic prests touch little boys, no
    2 they have tried it once before, but have "tripped" and thought everytime they smoked it would be like this,
    3  i mean how can you say you dont like it, unless you actually tried it before like when i first tried it it was at a busy train station lol didnt get high very common to new tokers, its so funny that when you get high first time, its so good you know?

  2. Everybody feels different high, my first time feeling high I tripped but now I take it easy on the weed.
  3. Some people have mental illnesses and can't. Someone in my family is schizophrenic, and can't. He's on medication for it, but if he smokes, he gets really bad panic attacks and says demons are after him.
  4. Could be the illegality of it also. But honestly Some people prefer to not be stimulated with thoughts, emotions, sounds, and experience the unknown. A lot of people may find it disorienting, confusing, scary, or uncomfortable, the same way there are people who hate roller coasters, movies, raves, boats, airplanes, traveling, etc. Experiences, even if pleasurable to some, will not be for everyone. That's the spice of life my friend. Some people don't even like Cirque de Soliel. Different strikes for different folks, many people prefer to be sober, others enjoy alcohol, or psychadelics, or painkillers, and some people like to eat chalk or sniff gasoline lol, watch Strange Addictions.But yeah misinformation campaigns have undoubtedly scared away many, as did legal repercussions. And as someone else said, mental illness is more common than you'd think. My brother had extreme rapid-cycling manic depressive disorder and when smoking herb or the synth shit would flip out, hallucinate, freestyle rap for hours, and would have a lot of anxiety. Your brain chemistry is fragile and some people don't want to mix it around you know? Also, drug tests keep some people away, though that kind of goes with the whole illegal point.Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Probably they find it as a false reality and that the reason we use it is because our life sucks so much that we need something to enhance it. Thats me guess.
  6. The main reason I get when I ask people why they dislike weed is the smell, especially girls, which i find strange because I think the smell of weed is very pleasant.
  7. Some people just don't want to smoke weed. They don't need a reason; there's nothing wrong with that LOL. Just like how some people don't want to drink, or ingest caffeine. Their body, their choice bro. Frankly I find it weird how some stoners seem to have a problem with people who don't smoke weed, or think that nontokers need a good solid reason other than they don't want to.

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