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Reasons to smoke? (Pros,Cons,Propaganda)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Barnkis, Aug 19, 2008.

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    Hey GC! Help me compile a list of the medical reasons to smoke, from Cancer, glaucoma, asthma, etc.

    Lets get the biggest list out here for reasons to smoke, and lets show the negative sides (if any) to smoking MJ. Lets also show the BS propaganda. Ill edit the facts you post into here.

    :D For :D

    • Non addictive
    • Helps with ADD
    • Helps with ADHD
    • Helps struggling drug addicts with addiction
    • Relives Physical and mental pain
    • Treats many illnesses (Cancer (Chemotherapy), MS, Asthma, Glaucoma, arthritis, AIDS, epilepsy, nausea, anorexia, depression, stress, etc. See Here for a large list.
    • Calms many people down
    • Opens the mind and allows thoughts and feelings to flow and be expressed
    • A naturally growing plant that you can smoke without altering it in any way. shape, or form.
    • Can help with depression.
    • Increased appetite
    • May shrink lung tumors
    • You can push yourself harder in physical activities

    :mad: Against :mad:

    • May cause bronchitis
    • Short term memory loss (Only lasts while still using)
    • If you make a habit of toking before bed, sleeping while not high is tough to do.

    :poke: Propaganda :poke:

    • Doesn't make you hallucinate (See things that aren't there)
    • Doesn't cause brain damage (The 'test' to prove this was performed on monkeys that were deprived oxygen for 5 minutes in a completely smoked out room, no air at all to breathe. The cell damage was caused by lack of oxygen.)
    • Not proven to cause Cancer
    • Wont kill you, or hurt you
    • Doesn't make people violent

    Lets get this list huge! don't be afraid to post links, and remember to add to the list!
  2. does it not cause asthma? I would imagine it would is smoke in your lungs, it is not supposed to be there.
  3. Calm many people down

    for increase appetite
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    well theres a possibility that it can help to prevent cancer.

    causes short term memory loss (though it's very temporary)

    Will onset a mental illness (such as schizophrenia) earlier in a person's life if theyre prone to it (usually if it runs in the family)

    If you smoke a lot of green before bed, it makes it harder to sleep without it.
  5. I think some people can agree with me, but smoking for me is like a treat that nothing else can satisfy. It's like how some people love their starbucks or coffee bean, I love my Mary Jane.

    After a long work day, whether that day was stressful or not, it's always nice to come home, shower, throw on some tunes, grab an ice cold drink, pack a bowl, and veg. Can anyone else agree?
  6. Do you even know what a drug is? Of course it's a drug.

    And I beg to differ... I've hallucinated countless times when I'm blazed.
  7. Some of those statements need to be fixed. Simply because it is a plant doesn't mean that it isn't a drug. Is opium not a drug simply because it comes from poppies? Nicotine isn't a drug because you get it via smoking tobacco? That particular statement is pretty dumb.

    And in addition to bronchitis, smoking weed will cause all of the same smoke related illnesses that smoking cigarettes does, it just doesn't appear to cause cancer. You can still get emphysema, etc, from smoking weed.

    I'm not sure if this thread is even necessary. Very similar, more accurate information is available from NORML, MPP, Erowid, etc.
  8. Bronchitis can cause asthma

    Of course you get Bronchitis and then stop for about 10 days while taking anti biotics you should be good..

    I have Bronchitis
  9. Studies show it can help asthamtics.
  10. It's not a drug cause It's a Plant. It's not man made it's not addictive and it's not deadly.

    Opium = Deadly & Addictive

    Nicotine = See Opium

    Guy has a point

    Also you can't say ALL smoke related illnesses when Cancer is the first 1 that people will think about and weed doesn't that statement was just plain old false.

    You need more information from
  11. Is it a day that ends in -y? That's a good enough reason for me to smoke. ;)

    And yes, weed is a drug, whether it's natural or synthetic is irrelevant. The very first line of that link:

    Weed falls under that definition. So do relatively innocuous things like tylenol and aspirin. It does not need to be extremely harmful or physically addicting to be a drug.
  12. on the cancer bit.. i think THC or marijuana doesnt directly cause cancer... but smoking anything can give you the possibility of lung cancer, which is why eating it would be the least harmful method of consumption.

    i smoke it for relaxation, a good time, and for an appetite/to digest after muching out due to being high lol
  13. i use it for depression. for about 3 years
  14. #14 Hellavonne, Aug 20, 2008
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    i have asthma but and i use it for depression but not legally :p. but personally over the past 5 years its actually helped my asthma when it comes to me exercising and lifting weights and what not.. i've noticed the changed in it after smoking. weed doesnt cause cancer it actually shrinks lung cancer tumors ^_^ you can add that if you want. and you made a typo i think you meant calms but you put clams. happy smoking everyone here at GC!
  15. It's actually pretty unlikely to cause emphysema.

    As far as I know, cannabis really isn't directly related to any semi-serious illness besides like bronchitis.
  16. i usually smoke after work or school if i don't have to work after that, i smoke to help sore feet and unwind after a long day

    after reading over your list... i couldnt help but laugh at most of them. lol.

  17. You need to go read the dictionary entry for the word "Drug" because you clearly don't know what the hell the word means.
  18. ill have what he's having:eek:. must be some amazing weed.
  19. makes everything simple as that lol. I don't even like to eat food without getting blazed because it tastes sooooo much better.

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