Reasons for Marijuana to be legalized

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  1. The federal government should make recreational marijuana legal because of a variety of benefits. The largest of these benefits being the increase in economic activity that will arise with the legalization of marijuana. Not only will there be an influx in tax revenue, but there will also be a large amount of jobs created from the legalization of marijuana. Secondly, contrary to past beliefs, the legalization of marijuana actually causes a decrease in the number of underage users rather than an increase. This is beneficial to the growth of a society because it removes the prominence of a potentially harmful thing to un-developed minds. Furthermore, as false stigmas surrounding marijuana disappear due to the de-scheduling of the drug, additional research surrounding the medicinal qualities of marijuana can be conducted. Using the research from these new studies as well as research from existing studies will reveal the positive qualities of marijuana rather than the negative ones. With this new knowledge doctors will be able to recommend patients to experiment with self-medicated marijuana treatment rather than prescribe them opioids which have a high probability of abuse and overdose. By offering patients a new method of treatment, the amount of deaths brought on by opioid overdose with decrease. Overall, the benefits of federally legalizing the usage of recreational marijuana greatly outweigh the few worries which people have in legalizing the drug.
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  2. Preaching to the choir, man! :smoke:

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