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What is the biggest argument against legalization

  1. The possible loss of the marijuana community. Theres no constructve alcohol or tobacco community.

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  2. I won't be as badass or cool because of my toking

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  3. More stupid and abnoxious types of people i do not like will toke. I dont want that killing my buzz!

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  4. It will be easier for kids to get it.

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  5. Reasons NOT to legalize? There aren't any! Narc!

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  6. Other (post)

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  1. I want to know what you think the main reasons AGAINST marijuana legalization are. I made this a check box poll instead of a button because there may be some ones that are close, but try to keep it to 1 or 2 cause i want to see what everyone thinks the biggest reason is.
  2. when it was legalzied we had several Rights movements, and the goverment felt it could not control us under the influence of marijuana. making it illegal goverment cannot work with an uncooportive society they saw it as it would have ruined the US... yet they see tabacco as taxation when im sure they can make millions more off of taxing marijuana mainly because marijuana is more likely to be imported here than tabacco is given that we already grow tabacco, and durring the begining countries may have to supply the US of marijuana (TARRIFFS) but nope its never ganna happen while i live
  3. yeah i agree, in the U.S. pot wont be legal for a long time. Because like you said we will be loosing money by importing it. The govt isnt concerned about people there concerned about money. Theres always wars on drugs, wars on terror, ect ect ect, but theres never wars on homelessness. No $$$$ in it.
  4. Yeah too many people can grow weed themselves so not many people would buy it off the governemnt, if they legalizes it itd have to be ok to grow it so there would be alot more growers around too. They say its bad for you but they sell ciggies and alcohol which kill alot of many people die due to weed realated stuff? Not that many. Governments are only out for money for themselves...thats why ciggies and booze are legal
  5. Not insulting your questions at all. I'm just saying my initial reaction to all of the options in the poll:

    Whoop de doo. I'd like to not have to worry about legal consequences a lot more than "not having a community". I'll just keep hanging out with my friends then.

    Smoking the herb is not about being badass or cool. That's the stupidest reason to smoke ever. If you enjoy getting high, then THAT'S why you smoke.

    Legalization is much too serious a topic for this ridiculous reason to be the deciding factor against it. I mean yeah, if it was legal, you'd see more people smoking around you, but who the fuck cares? It's fucking LEGAL.

    Maybe. Depends if the government made it worthwhile to buy from them instead of growing it yourself. If the government regulates it, it's actually quite difficult to develop a black market for it. My brother, who's 17, says he can get any drug he wants EXCEPT for alcohol and nicotine. It's regulated, so not very many people deal it to underage kids. If the government didn't regulate it (i.e. everyone grew their own), it might be easier. That could pose a potential problem. Or not, I don't know.

    The most comprehensive reasons against legalization are:

    1) It's nearly impossible to make sure it can be taxed and regulate because you don't know how many people would just grow it (it's a fricken' WEED) instead of buying it.
    2) Politically, too many politicians are intimidated by the vocal minority of the "moral" groups with names like Concerned Mothers and Family Action Association. Not enough politicans have the balls to say, "Pot is not that bad for you, guys. Come on, I mean, I smoke it, and I'm a freakin' damn good senator. Legalize it, bitches."

    #1 is best for conspiracy theorists. #2 is the real reason pot isn't legal. Politicans don't have the goddamn nuts to stand up for the scientific evidence.
  6. lts all about money in the richmans world.

    Marijuanna the cancer killer would cost the drug company millions.

    Marijuanna the paper would cost timber company,s millions

    The list is endless and its all about money my friends.

  7. Lets add the fuel industry the oil companies would have competition..

    the clothing industry cotton would be a thing of the past..

    the farmers could make a good living producing hemp.

    the major food companies wouldn't get their tax deductions from paying farmers not to grow veggies..

    The list will go on for pages.

    Money is the number one reason legalisation will held back..
  8. ur bro can't get alcohol or cigs at his age? that's just sad.

  9. The problem that I have with this one comes from what's in my garden right now. Most people go to the store and buy their tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, squash, carrots, lettuce, corn, etc (And they'r epaying taxes on them)....I don't buy many vege's during this season because I'm growing it all and I can tomatoes like crazy so that cuts out buying spaghetti sauce throughout the they're losing a lot of taxes from me growing my own food. There would be no difference if I grew my own weed. I don't find that to be a logical excuse. I'm not saying that you aren't logical, Sad know that, I have much respect for's just that I see and hear that all the time and it just doesn't weigh out well as a decent excuse.

    I can't think of any good reason why it shouldn't be legalized. The benefits outweigh any negatives that it might produce.

    There also would be no reason to import it. It grows quite well in our country and MS has a huge crop at the University where they do research. We'd grow our own....we'd grow our own hemp as well and since hemp can be made into fuel we'd be a more self-sufficient country in so many ways.

    I could go on but I'm really high and tryingto catch this bug flying around my screen.
  10. *Hands RMJL a swatter*
  11. Easier for kids to get it? Are you kidding me? First of all, my dealer who is also a good friend of mine is only 16 and I just turned 18 not too long ago, though I smoked weed since I was 15. I have no clue how legalizing it will make it easier for kids to get when many marijuana smokers are minors and some dealers are also minors. I don't know one dealer who won't sell to a kid (unless of course the kid's like 10 years old).

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