Reason Potency Has Increased In The Past 10 Yaers

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by KillerGenius, May 18, 2006.

  1. Is it safe to say the reason why potency has increased in the past years because Indoor growing is in most of our plants genetics from past grows. ​

    Such as:
    I grow weed indoors and produce seeds
    Seeds get grown outside by the buyer of the weed
    Weed produces seeds
    it is a neverending process of refinement​

    So is it safe to say that indoor grows and outdoor high potency outdoor grows are present in most bagseed genetics and is irreversable?​

    So hypocrites of marijuana can't blame the increase of potency completely on new techniques. They can blame it on the building blocks of life.​

  2. So your saying eveloution of sorts or even survival of the fitest is responsibe for increased cannabis potency. Who are the "hypocrites" of marijuana? I guess good genetics, different strains, and phenotypes have nothing to do with this. Pot in my area still sucks thats why I grow. I cant say I have seen an increase in potency, if anything ive seen a decrease.
  3. Breeding, like breeding for the best dog, cow, cock, or whatever is your answer. Breeding is done outside the gerow room as well as inside. I aggree with the above post.
  4. I'm fairly certain that almost all of the dank strains are a result of dedicated breaders, not from random stoners who just plant their bag seed in the back yard.
  5. Hey thanx for posting, I was just wondering if anyone else has seen any other changes in potency and why it has increased.
    I have seen definite phenotype changes since i was 13, as far as how the plant appears to the naked eye. Now that i think about it since OG shut down potency has quite possibly decreased because of the loss of info for growing. It will be built up again but it will take some time.
    Hypocrites are the people that said (two years ago) that marijuana potency is much more potent than it was 10 or twenty years ago. I am just wondering why this is the way it is.:p
  6. I wouldnt exactly call them hypocrites. Amongst indoor growers, yes potency has increased due to the fact of breeding like SP said. People work damn hard and travel to some crazy ass places to get their hands on different strains and breed them to create new and better strains of pot. Strains that not only have an increased THC %, but that are more stable as well. Like joint siad aswell its not the stoners who create better weed, its the hard work and dedication of breeders who try their hand in creating better strains. You cant be telling me that off the street commercial brick shit is getting better, maybe in your area, but not mine. How has the plant changed over the years? Yyour telling me that homegrown pot potency has decreased due to OG comming down? I can maybe see that but not really Google how to grow marijuana and youll find alot non-OG related. There were many other sites up aswell dedicated to growing. Even after OG went down 2 sites hosted the growFAQ from OG. Its not that the info wasnt out there, you just had to search for it, which for some reason people arent willing to or know how to do. Most shit people buy is just that, shit. Commercial product in which the growers dont care about the end result they just want to make a profit. If that hasnt decreased potency I dont know what will.

  7. About potency, who wants to take a toke, see dots, and puke? I like to take 2-3 tokes and tripp. SOO remember their are different buzzes. Some are cerebral, and some are a physical, and anywhere in between.
    I had a buddy that smoked crack on occassion. This buddy has recently done a stretch and is now off Cocaine. I think many of us are immature at points in our life and forget weed is the cure. Anyway, this buddy that could take huge blast of rock cocaine hits, he would smoke 1/3 a joint of some sensi shit i had and begg me to take him home! He could handle the hard core crack but the weed would freak him out, lol. I told him weed was the cure for cocaine addiction and was on the road to recovery when he was busted for some shit. I am just ramblin. Peace.
  8. It's definate, probably due to technology.. better indoor growing opportunites than there used to be produces more and better bud.. and in 10 years we'll probably have better equipment.. so better buds :p
  9. I would defintely agree that its not the pot that has gotten better but the people growing it and the technology surronding it. The only reason people still see crappy pot is because the growers in their area are either one of two things lazy or ignorant. Either they don't care enough to grow the shit right or they don't know how to grow it any better than they already do. I would also agree that genetics has played a large role in it but i think that comes down to the people growing it again people have had the time and the experience to experiment with different strains to find what they feel is the ultimate high or cannabis that is acclimated to the enviroment which it is being grown. Also years ago people did not have the technology or the knowledge to grow the cannabis they had to its fullest potential like people do today.
  10. one more question, has the number of tokers/smokers/hard hitting bong chokers rose or fallen, just wondering if anyone had statistics or anything.​
  11. Breeders have genetically manipulated good old MJ to produce increased amounts of THC, which you will get whether you grow indoors or out.

    This is coupled with an increased awareness of efficient growing methods, together with improved availability of high quality ferts.

    Although some people I know still manage to totally fuck it up.

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