Reason for living???

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  1. About 6 of my friends go to my one friends house to smoke all the time. It's so great there because he has this big circular white table in his basement. It seems that whenever we all smoke there, we always get a better high. Anyways, we always come up with good stuff to talk about. Last night, we all smoked a lot and then sat down and watched Billy Madison, which is a great movie when you are smoking bud. Anyways, after the movie finished, one of my friends asked us out of nowhere, "what is the reason for living." Of course, some of my friends were like "to live a good life" and "to have lots of sex." For the next hour we all sat down discussing this. Noone could really explain what the reason for living is. We are all 16-17, and most of us weren't virgins, but some were. I just wanted to get that information out of the way because some of you were prolly gonna say "to have sex" Honestly, there is no reason for living. If you REALLY think about it, you can't really prove that there is a reason for living. Anyways, I wanted to get your peoples thoughts and opinions on this topic.

  2. lol...

    well Ill just say this..I know that I want to surround myself in what makes me happy in my life. I might not get there for a while, a lot of hard work and discipline and hard work and work is going to get me there, but my objective in life is to be that happy because thats what make me feel good, love life, and be well, happy. thats all I want, and I know what its going to take to get there, and the little pleasures along the way will help me. but being happy and enjoying my time here is enough for me to know and live by. a reason as a whole? i dont get all philosphoical about it, I just know I want to be happy and thats enough for me to love life.
  3. I think that each person has their own reason for living. Not one they they think up on their own but one that is already determined perhaps or one that happens out of the blue yet makes a difference somehow or another. It all constitutes a reason for living no matter how it plays out. One may never know what their purpose is here but there is one. I believe that simply because I know a lot of people who have passed away and each one of them had some sort of impact on at least one person that made a difference in their life therefore I see that their lives weren't wasted and they served some purpose here.

    As far as looking at it from the other angle, I want to be happy and I want the people around me to be happy. I think that's it's cool that we each have our very own lives to live and we can do it any way we want. I want to be happy and I want to take full advantage of everything life has to offer. I look back at time I've wasted and I don't want to waste anymore because you never know when your day is up.
  4. true about looking back and feeling like Ive wasted time...I regret that now. I dont want to feel like that anymore. we're here for such a short time! time does go too quick!
  5. Seems as if I answered this already.

    Too soon to answer the same question on the same site again.
  6. lucky us! ha! hahaha! heh...hehe..

  7. I'm a little confused about what you mean by proving
    there is a reason for living.

    There are so many things in life that gives a person
    reasons for living.

    I can't even begin to think of all the reasons I want
    to be alive.
    I love life!
    Yeah, we all hurt at times, we get depressed,
    sometimes we go through hell with the death of a
    loved one, or the death of a relationship.
    Money struggles, raising children, getting through
    high school.... all these things bring about stress.
    But the joy of having relationships with other human
    beings & knowing where I come from is a precious gift
    that none can replicate.

    I believe the proof that there is a reson for living, is that most people choose life.


  8. Religion aside. It is obvious we have been given a responsibility to this world while we are alive. We are all equal and have the same power. It is up to us, given our unique life to make the best of what we can do. If you love yourself and you love others and you actively pursue a life of helping others and yourself through love, then everything will fall in place. Basically, having the yearning in your soul to give back to this world is what fuels me. And I think it fuels everyone, it just isn't realized until the ego is put in check. And that is hard to do today in our country. But our country also allows us not to gorge ourselves in luxury if we choose not to, and I think we can change this world if we utilize all of our resources to make the world better through selfless motivation rather than selfish motivation. We are all good and it is a race to see who can let the most good out. Live, learn, plan, accomplish, all through love for yourself and others.
  9. Have you considered the alternative?????
    Da"Alive & Lovin It"Captn
  10. Forgive me.....I couldnt resist. I usually just read and never reply. But no one is here for love alone? Love comes in many shapes and forms. Most individuals usually only have one idea of love which changes. This they express. The blessed ones of us realize it is everywhere. In whatever form they choose. Loves most perverted form is hate.....which is still a form of love. To truly hate, one must love first. Love motivates us, inspires us, rules us , destroys us, builds us etc. I could go on and on. Civilizations have crumbled for it, been built by it. Love, man. For yourself, for others, for the world around you. Every emotion...feeling... in the human body or psych comes back to love. Is where it originated. I love my son, so I am happy here raising him. I love my partner, so I am happy with my partner. I love my life, it is my reason to live. I love my life so much , I created it . Do what you love, be what you love, live to love. Because then the universe brings it back to you 100 fold. All you experience then becomes love. Give it, recieve it.
    If this doesnt work......
  11. We believed that in the 60's and still believe it today but it don't seem like too many others do...I applaud you for your beliefs and your post and some day soon this ole world WILL be ruled by Love for sure!
    Da"Keepin Da Faith"Captn

  12. Yeah there's no meaning 4 life :) U just have to live with it couse it's obvious or create some theory and believe in it .

    U live mostly becouse of ( don't know that word in english :p it's something like self-survival instinct ) that provokes to create theories on purpose of living and not thing of that like : "We are born , study , work , die - and nothing changes"

    I personally can't wait to see what technology we'll see in 20 years time . Prozaic but it works 4 me .
  13. Prozac doesnt work for me. Sometimes , I wish it did.
    It is wonderful that for some it does. But I found it emtied my mind, gave me a feeling of hoplessness and made me quite happy to go along with the status quo. Perhaps it is my genetic make-up. That was the Drs opinion. My own personality was lost somewhere in the process of staring at walls all day and being perfectly happy. A medicated zombie had taken over with little coherent thought left. Conversations were even difficult to follow.
    I have lots of friends who recreation smoke instead. They made the suggestion I try it . I threw the prozac down the toilet and my creativity kicked in instead. Suddenly the world was full of vision, ideas, and possability. It seemed clearer to me. I enjoyed life again and took control of mine.
    It works for me, but I dont suggest it for everyone. Everyone should make their own decisions. I wouldnt encourage anyone to go against the status quo or question the opinion of a DR. Just to find what works for them and live in whatever manner brings them happiness.

  14. There's no reason, life is an accident, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy life, there's no point trying to think aobut it, most people explain it with god, the reason for living is: we live here and if we obey god and do as he says we get to heaven, if we don't we go to hell, like getting a greencard to america. Well the same people explain everything they can't explain with god "why did that happen?" "it was god work" "amen".
  15. Yes love.
    Love for the world, the universe, other humans, animals, yourself, anything and everything. Loving things and feeling good being happy thats what i live for.
    Another reason is purely interest. Its more interesting for me to be alive than dead whether good or bad things are happening at least something is happening, making life a positive thing overall.
  16. you have to be 18 to be here pal, im sure it was just a typo ;)
  17. The reason for living is what you make it. Everyone has there own reasons. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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