Rearranging my room and redecorating. Suggestion please?

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  1. I'm changing up my room. Any suggestions for anything as you think would be chill for please tell me. I'm making my room a rasta, trippy, and hippie type theme if you know what I mean, basically stoner themed room. Biggest thing I need suggestions for is decoration.
  2. lava lamp(s)
    shag rugs

    got a picture of the place?
  3. Tapestries
  4. Get some bean bags around a small table or something. Makes for a perfect chill spot. Also, Lava Lamps are awesome.
  5. Colored curtains, which will give a chill glow to the room.

    Also, make sure you burn incense. Scent is an important factor in decoration.
  6. Make it comfortable to relax, use rugs that are easy to clean and cheap enough to toss if a bong gets knocked over. Nothing worse than going to someones place, then feeling like everything is so expensive I'm afraid to touch anything in fear of breaking it. Casual is the rule.
  7. hang a giant human centipede poster across your wall. It'll be trill :cool:
  8. OR... You could NOT hang a human centipede poster. Just an option.
  9. This guy, is a motherfucking genius!
  10. Get one of those hammock chairs that you can hang from the ceiling, set a hookah up next to that shit and watch the time fly


    or anything from that's so wonderful
  12. DAMN! Those bean bags ain't cheap. Those chicks almost make them worth it. They definitely look comfy but I can't drop 200 bucks on a base model bean bag chair... Im gonna look into the hammock chair sounds pretty dope.
  13. lava lamps, black light posters, black lights, mood lighting, etc etc.

    If you're looking for stuff cheap, or just want to try out new stuff for design ideas, check out craigslist. Sometimes you can find really cheap deals on there or people just giving stuff away for free.

    One of my best friends just moved into his new place after splitting up with his girlfriend. He got a two bedroom apartment. He had furniture for the living room, his bedroom, and his kitchen. But his extra bed room was basically just empty. Just had his computer desk, computer, and a couple of fold out chairs. Helped him look on craigslist and we got a bunch of stuff and decorated his room for about 200 bucks.

    - We got a black entertainment center/tv stand for free that was in basically brand new condition
    - We got a futon frame for free that was in great condition. All my friend had to do was buy a new matress.
    About a week later my friend saw a guy selling some lava lamps cheap as hell on craigslist. So he went and picked up 4 lava lamps for 25 bucks. And he got this cool like wave motion lamp for another 20.

    So now he has a chill ass stoner room, where he set up his old gaming consoles and he spent about 200 bucks with paint included.
  14. Mini fridge dude... Mini fridge.

    Stocked with tasty beverages... Nobody wants to be running around for tasty drinks when they're chilling. You need to Xfinity on demand those drinks. Put a comcast sticker on your mini fridge, extra coolness.
  15. Minimalist decoration brings out the space. Make sure not to over do it.
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    nah they're not cheap but the smallest one has almost 8sq feet of sitting space lol.

    but if price is an issue then the hammock chairs are for you they range from 25-50 bucks depending on producer. Hammock Chairs & Swings : Shop at these are the ones that I've seen the most, and are pretty damn comfy

    edit: if you look into one of the ones that screw directly into the ceiling make sure you use a stud don't want to see what happens when you forget..unless you like falling 3 feet onto your ass

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