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    I was building a veg box and got close to completing it when I found a few seeds in a bag of jack herrer that I have been getting for awhile, so I germinated them, threw em in some dirt, and started the veg. I have a 20w cfl sitting over each one, was still deciding on the final lighting for the cab, got most of the stuff to finish the real lighting. But what I noticed was it didnt look like any jack herrer I had seen before. the leaves were getting so wide, they were starting to cover the fan leaves on the other side, this was all in the first week of veg, im starting the sedcond now.
    My first girl came up and did the normal 1-3-5 leaf growth, this is the fast grower. The leave are so wide, they are folding up to allow light to the lower, new leaves growing under them, so I started LST'ing this one. It loves it, so much new growth. The leaves have all seem to flatten out, but that is my problem:
    is it normal for the leaves to curl up to allow the light to get lower?
    my other plant just started to catch up with the bigger one, but it skipped the whole 1-3-5 leaf thing, it went straight 1-5-7 I know there is seven on the new growth, casue I can see the seperate in the leaves. but it doesnt have a full set of third leaves yet, so I cant start LST'ing this one to help the leave flatten out again, is there something I could do for such a young plant?

    sorry if its kinda run on sounding, just took a few hits to get my thoughts out :smoking: :D


    ps I am working on finding the usb for my camera before I can upload any pics
    grow area: Soil-mix(my own) their under 2 20w cfl's 1 1/2" away, heat stable at 76-78F, humidity is low at 29-33% RH, veg/clone cab is 18"wideX22"tallX12"deep
  2. Until you have pics nobody can really help, but leaves curling to allow light to lower leaves is NOT normal. Your leaves are curling because of overwatering or heat stress, but I can't say 100% until there's pictures.

    The wideness of the leaves is not a problem as long as it's healthy.
  3. their pretty healthy as far as I've read and compared pictures. I only water once every other day, if that, usually half way through the second day of no water, the first 2-3" are dry and I lift the container to see how it compares when the soil is saturated. Their really isnt any visual problem that I can see. Some lucky bug got ahold of a leaf(chewed a whole, i want to say earwig, but idk, killed it anyway) but other then that, nothing that suggest to me I am going something wrong. Like I said, when I LST'ed the one larger plant, all the leaves flattened back out. I will defenently try and find my usb cable for my camera, if I cant, I'll have to do my best with my phone camera.

    thankyou for the response, working on the pics

  4. Alright, get pictures up.

    To be honest your plant sounds healthy.
  5. Maybe they grow wide to collect more light. The plants I've grown under low-wattage Fluros had wider leaves than the ones under my 1000 watt. Of course, I'm talking the same type of plants.
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    sorry guys, thanks for posting, i really appreciate it. still looking for the usb cable, but been so busy with cleaning our whole house inside/out. I think I jumped the gun. the leaves were getting so big and folding up on the walls of my cab, so when the new growth had gotten large enough, I just removed the extremly large leaves one every day, till they were gone, my plants are growing crazy. I'm very happy with the lst. Started flowering a few days ago and I think thats just what they were waiting for, they have taken off during flowering, still no signs of sex yet, but we'll see. Popped 4 random bag seed that the bud was decent when smoked, i figure if these 2 Jack herrer or jock horror, what ever the guy said that gave em to me, turn out to be males, I could always keep breeding them to the decent bagseed i have and end up with a more decent type. I definently have 2 phenotypes. one is nice thick wide leaves and the other tends to be more branchy and have smaller, more praportionate leaves.

    I really appreciate your help, I will still try and get some pics of them so you guys can see. thanks again
  7. Clone! Clone! Clone! Get one to pollinate or hermie or somethin too.
  8. yep, built a bubble cloner out of a canning jar and made it slide into a soda can with the lid cut off to keep light out. working good so far, the one cutting I took(topped my smaller one) is just for a test, but it is going strong, no roots showing yet. 3 out of 4 of my unknown bagseed sprouted, waiting on a late one, everythings going smoothly now, thanks for the advice

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