Really weird pic

Discussion in 'General' started by seekup, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. found this online, i was smoking and ended up staring at it for like 5 mins

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  2. Well.... there's Chernobyl's effects for ya...

    (Check this out, it's touching how screwed up we can be.

    btw, that chic really needs to eat something, and go for a walk.... nasty ass hoe

  3. I have been wonderin what does btw mean? and lol you say she needs to eat suttin like she is to skinny and then go for a walk like shw is to fat lol im confused.

  4. Lol thats a good point.

    Btw = by the way
  5. Looks like some shit from Silent Hill.

  6. lol that makes sense

  7. thats EXACTLY what i was thinkin i just forgot to put it

  8. haha yea, she needs to eat something to put some weight on her bones, and go for a walk so it becomes somewhat firm and not fat

  9. Lol picky aint we?? :p j/p

    Yah she is grossly skinny.

  10. tomorrow is the aniversery of chernobyl
  11. ummmm.. where are her tits?

  12. i know what you mean... the best part of her is missing... her handles are gone

    yep today was the anniversary, they even had a thing about it on the news

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