Really weird incident with the cops

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  1. Ok, so this actually happened a while back, right before I turned 21.

    So me, my girl, and my old roomate were havin a get together at out apartment and I had invited a couple people from work. So Im sittin there chillen, and I get a call from my coworkers to come out and meet them at the gate (Gated community, so key access is required). They say they are at the far gate, near the office. So im like shit, thats kinda a long walk. So Im already pretty buzzed up, and a wee bit high, but owell im drunk and think nothing of it.

    I put on my shoes and start the trek to the far gate. I walk for about 5 min and get to the gate. Dam, no one there. I call them up and say "hey wtf are you guys?" They say, "At the gate." So fuck, I walked all the way across the complex the wrong gate. Shit.

    So I decide to take a shortcut through the middle of the complex, still on the phone with them. There is this middle part of the complex were the pool is, with a little quad of grass, little playground and shit. So Im just about through the middle when I hear what sounds like a humming/buzzing sound. Sort of like "brmmmmmmm" or something. So im looking around like "wtf", and Im just past the middle when... BOOM, spotlight on me from above. Shit, its a police helicopter. "Oh Noes".

    So I say fuck this, and start making a hasty walk back to my appt. all while this spotlight from above is on me. Im about 100 yards from my appt, when I see this car come hauling ass down through the driveway, and I kid you not, just like a scene from a movie, screetches to fuckin hault right in front of me.

    Two cops hop outta the car and are like "GET ON THE GROUND! GET ON THE GROUND!" Im still on the phone mind you, "Uh, Ill call you guys back." So I do the whole spread eagle thing on the ground. They put the handcuffs on. They sit me up. And Im like "Wtf is going on?" They say theyll let me know, just gotta run all my info and shit. Uh Oh, didnt have my wallet/Id, anything on me. So it takes them a while to run my info, cause Im drunk, giving them mixed up ID numbers and addresses.

    So I check out, and they take the cuffs off and whatnot. Tells me Im free to go. As I start to walk away, one of the cops say, "Hey, I can smell all that on you... Have fun tonight.":hello:
    "So I finally meet up with my coworkers, and theyre all like "wtf, where were you?" And I say, "lets just get inside, Ill tell you in a minute. I need a drink." So we all get back into my appt, and spill my story to the others, who all have a good laugh on my part.

    Turns out some dude robbed a store down the road and ran through my apartments, JUST as I was coming out to meet my friends. Good timing Huh?
  2. hahaha awesome man! good ending too.
  3. lol nice. u must have nearly shit your pants but its a good story to tell :p
  4. nice story. I would have been having a heart attack and I probably would have ran and gotten my ass shot.
  5. Hahaha. That is really bad timing. But you got lucky in the end. That actually sounds like a cop is actually doin his job for once trying to catch a real criminal instead of worrying about a random stoner minding his own business. Good story.
  6. Yeah, I almost shitted my chones when they pulled up like that. They were cool about it tho, wernt really agressive, I think because they knew I wasnt the guy they were lookin for. My GF and roomate keep the story going, tellin it to eveybody at every party or gathering we go to. But I dont mind tellin it.:smoke:
  7. haha thats awesome!! :D
  8. this truly is, a cool story, bro
  9. Thanks man, it was truly an experience I will never forget lol. :wave:
  10. hahaha thats crazy i probably would have ran my ass off if i had the spotlight on me.

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