Really weird experience this morning.

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    I woke up at ~10:10am, and was trying to get back to sleep.
    I got up to turn my fan off, and to check the time.

    As I was laying in bed trying to get back to sleep, my whole body relaxed.
    The only sensations I could feel were the slight touch of sheets on my skin.

    After awhile of having my eyes closes I started hearing these faint pulses.
    These sounds weren't coming my environment, it was as if it was inside my head.

    Two faint pulsating circles appeared in my vision where my eyes would be looking.
    My eyes still closed, the circles grew brighter, and fainted with the sound.

    The pulsating noise got stronger and stronger, I opened my eyes and it stopped.
    I, closed my eyes again, and it started building up once more.

    I decided I would see how far it would go. I thought to myself,
    "could this be that astral projection shit I've read about"

    I let it build to a point where the pulsating sounds were at "high volume"
    At this point, I could feel a pressure in my head, and a slight "bobbing" of my body.

    I then focused on trying to disconnect from my body,
    as it mentions in Astral Projection techniques. But I couldn't.

    I tried moving my legs just slightly to see if I was still "grounded"
    And I was, I could feel the chafing of the sheets against my legs.

    I don't remember past this, I believe shortly after feeling my legs I fell asleep.
    I woke up today ~3:00pm in a heavy sweat. After having 2 vivid dreams.
    (one before the experience, one after)

    Both dreams were very odd in their description, but that's another story.

    I went to sleep that night at ~3am If I remember right.
    I was not under the influence of any drugs.
    With the exception of 10mg Melatonin, and a cup of Chamomile tea, taken shortly before going to bed.

    I have no idea what the hell happened this morning, but I wanted to share
    You can choose to believe me or not.

    I will be trying to replicate what happened, and hopefully see if I can take it farther.
  2. sounds like your blood pressure was getting higher and lower but im not sure you might of neared a diffrent state of mind :confused:
  3. I guess that brings up the question, what would the fluctuations of blood pressure indicate?
  4. It's not a blood pressure issue; its your pulse. Your carotid artery was touching your pillow and you were hearing the "lub dub" sound your heart makes, and the woosh of the blood moving through the vessel.

    Also melatonin is said to be a dream enhancing hormone, I take the stuff every night and usually have some wild dreams.
  5. It wasnt a natural pulse like a heart beat.
    It was...I guess you could say "other-worldy"
    Like an alien space ship might sound like.
    I was laying on my back too.

    I was fully concious, If I wanted to I could have gotten up.
    I wonder if I might have been in a councious state, and my brain was in a REM state.

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