Really want to make hash oil

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  1. Iv been dieing to make hash oil, iv only had it once from california and that shit got me wrecked! i dont really no how to make it or the tools i need, beside the butane? im not sure how to make the contraption to extract the THC, or let alone how much bud to use to get a nice amount of oil. any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. uhm lets see.

    just a stainless steel rod, with a 3/4" hole drilled in the center. and a small hole on the closed end for the butane spout.

    i used i think an eighth, and i got about a pea sized ball of oil. ( i spilled about 2 pea sized worth balls on the table =[)
  3. hey dude, could it be the honey bee extractor your after? :confused:
  4. Get a 1" peice of PVC, and two caps. Cut PVC to 12" long and drill about 20 1/8" holes in one cap, and one 3/32" hole in the other. Now put a coffee filter on one end of your piece of PVC and put on the cap with multiple holes. Fill the pipe with well ground bud / shake of leaves. Put on the top cap. Hold your contraption over a Pyrex baking dish and inject two cans of butane into the top single hole, it will drip out the bottom and boil in the pan. After this boils off you will be left with sweet honey hash oil.

  5. dont use pvc. butane eats it.
  6. While it is proven that butane can leech chemicals out of pvc, its nothing a run of butane through an empty extractor before use can't fix.

    Also always use quintuple refined butane; I recommend vector.
  7. Who told you that^? The people that make the pollinator and use "space age plastic" so they can charge you 10X as much.

    Here is the MSDS for PVC pipe, as you can see no reaction to butane. Why do you think they make lighters out of PVC?

    Material safety data sheets, or MSDS, for PVC and CPVC Pipe and Fittings
  8. wow thanks alot keep them coming
  9. Get a stainless steel turkey baster from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Or where every you can find one along with some unbleached coffee filters. Try and find some good butane such as Lucienne, as long as its been refined a few times so your not getting other byproducts in your hash. You will also need two baking dishes, one that will fit into the other. what they are for is the smaller dish is where you are going to be doing your spraying into (hash collector) and the bigger one will have warm water in it to help evaporate the butane faster.

    1) Grind up bud fill up turkey baster. Cover the end with one layer of coffee filter. Use wire or string to hold filter in place.

    2) take all your shit out side or in your garage but open the door a few feet for good ventilation.

    3) Poor hot water in to large baking dish set other dish in the hot water bath.

    4) Shake the hell out of your butane

    5) take turkey ether rap it in a small towel or where winter gloves (liquid butane is very very cold and will burn you.)

    6) Insert Butane canister nozzle into tip of turkey baster needle.

    7) spray into small baking dish that should be sitting in hot water bath. You might need a can in a half maybe more or less you just keep spraying until it comes out clear. (It will be amber in color then go to a clear meaning you got all the resins off the bud.

    8) Let all butane evaporate scrape up with razor blades and there you have it, Hash Oil.
    You might want to give it another hot hot water bath to try and get that last bits of butane out.

    Butane fact: Butane is heaver than air so it will pool up in low areas that why you don't want to do it inside your house. Good luck

  10. I will admit I was misinformed about the PVC, but I get vector for 5 bucks a can.

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