really want to do heroin

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. well, i been doin pills lately, but they just arent doin what i'd like em to do and there more pricey than heroin

    but i really really aint tryin to go to the hood ever again since i almost got arrested last time.. n i dont know anyone who sells em around here for anything lower than 20, which is more expensive than buyin pills

    just some confessions, needed to get it off my chest
  2. EVerytime you wanna do heroin hit yourself in the balls.
  3. watch trainspotting lol im never doing heroin after seeing that
    plus my cousins did it one thought it was ok to sit in his room every day and do heroin and the other started i guess it was a big problem for the whole family with rehab and shit now there off it finally.
  4. honestly, just find an OC 80s. Not saying its ok for you, but it should satisfy you enough that going to the hood isn't worth it. If you can get them for 30 - 50, depending on where you live, it's a decent price.
  5. My friend was a long time heroin user and he upgraded to speedballs. He eventually got so paranoid that people were out to get him, he sadly committed suicide. Fuck h-bomb.
  6. Why dont you just not do anything for a night or 2, give it a rest man.

  7. Watch your best friend have bad with-drawals, that'll do the trick...:cool:
  8. Only weak people do heroin because they need to experience something 'greater' than their miserable life.
  9. Why do people bash on heroin? You're no better than the people who bash on pot- you're jsut as ignorant as them, if not worse. Heroin can be an amazing drug, just like opium, if you do it right and do it responsibley. Yeah, there are bad examples of people who use heroin, just like there are bad examples of people who sue marijuana. Stop hating and open your mind a little more.

  10. A lot of straight laced types say the same thing about marijuana users. Why make generalizations?
  11. wow why dont you just buy some fucking weed
  12. Better yet, Everytime ill kick him in the balls.
  13. damn right! i couldnt agree more
  14. If the pills aren't working anymore, doing heroin would probably be the worst idea possible. Find a new hobby or do something productive... addiction can be a very bad thing. Anyone who is thinking about doing heroin should read "Scar Tissue" by Anthony Kiedis.

    EDIT - By the way, I don't advocate the use of heroin under any circumstances, but that's no reason to attack or look down upon someone who does it. The power of addiction is often inescapable and can overtake your entire life. From what I understand, heroin is one of the most enjoyable drugs out there, which makes it even harder to resist. Just as you shouldn't talk shit about someone who has cancer, you shouldn't talk shit about someone who is addicted to heroin.
  15. I know that you're experienced, but I would just tell you to not do heroin at all.

    I've tried all kinds of other drugs but I've realized that the only one worth doing is weed. Just puff on a nice fat blunt and you'll feel alright.
  16. Fuck that shit, making yourself a pin cushion is lame, plus alot of people die from overdoses every year related to herion, you can OD on alot of things, but if your straight now stay like that, why put your body threw that abuse.
  17. I've done it once or twice. It's a hell of a high, I'm not even guna lie. Hah, that rhymed.

    I stopped because I realized I don't have the self control to stop doing it. It's a high that I like too much if y'all know what I mean.

    My friend turned me onto it but then I realized it fucked his life up because he didn't regulate his usage. He was spending all his dough on the shit. Then a couple weeks later, he tried quitting after like 2 weeks of straight usage. Had pretty bad withdrawals and that's something I'm not trying to get into. After babysitting him all day, that kind of scared me away from getting into it.
  18. Heroin = Death. It's like, worse than crack.

  19. Finally, someone said it. Heroin GENERALLY leads to bad shit, but the man wants to try it. Heroin is that ULTIMATE high some people seek.

    Some people are content with weed. Some people want the top rush. I myself, and content with Coke. Stop bashing the man cause he's interesting in something you look down upon.
  20. yea dude. in the long run, the only drug i felt that has really made my life better is weed. and to people sayin "be responsible and safe", harder drugs start off as an occasional thing, but once bad shit happens in your life, you fall back on it. sometimes its worse than others, its never a good thing though. people are gonna do what there gonna do, and ill still respect someone whos into heroin as long as there straight with me. but you should take peoples advice when the say to stay away.

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