Really strange plant growth???

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  1. This seems strange to me... The plant I'm talking about came from a mixed indoor 10 pack of seeds I got. I don't know if it's an auto or fem'd or anything..


    I popped the seed in paper towel exactly one month ago today.. when it was around a couple weeks old we were moving and I just turned the couple CFL's off and the plant sat in the dark for two days. After the two days of dark I put it under a 250MH and some CFL's.

    Soon after that, the weirdness started... The plant started showing signs of splitting into two tops like it would if you topped it..

    To make things stranger, one side of the two is growing normally while the other side splits into two every time there is a new node.

    The other strange thing is that the plant has been alternating nodes for over a week and a half, so it was "mature" in about 2.5 weeks.

    Last weird thing about this plant.. It's 4 weeks old today and I just noticed signs that it's a girl... (little white preflowers starting).. Doesn't this seem pretty early??

    Maybe I have some sort of super plant on my hands.. lol.. Never seen growth like this before.. Maybe it's genetically eff'd up or maybe it's the couple days of dark stressing it, I don't know.. but not complaining at this point.. :)
  2. That's crazy put some pics up
  3. Hmm. Some pictures would be helpful to give you advice.
  4. Pictures please! Sounds crazy
  5. Pics please.Got to see this.
  6. I just a had a world of seeds madness plant do this where it topped itself but that does seem pretty early for preflower. What strain?
  7. I'll post some pics later today. I forgot to mention. The first potential problem was when I germinated with 10 seeds, I put them on my laptop on a hot day. Only this one seed survived, so it started its life very stressed I'm thinking.

  8. Very Interesting! I had never seen it happen myself, it's cool to hear someone else had a similar experience.

    I have no idea what strain it is. It was in a "mixed indoor" 10 pack I got from vancouver seed bank. When it first started growing fan leaves they were fat and round, I thought it was pure indica, now as it gets older it seems the leaves are starting to be more long and skinny... This plant keeps throwing curve balls, hahaha..

    The preflowers got me too.. I'll make sure to get a pic of those as well.
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    Here's a few pics..

    Please forgive any lack of proper terminology, I'm no botany specialist.. lol

    1) Regular growth
    2) One of the double node sites, they start right beside each other and then grow apart
    3) A spot where the double nodes grew together for a while, then I chopped it for a clone where they finally split.
    4) The plant started with 3 stalks
    5 & 6) Early preflowers, they are only showing on 1 of the 3 main stocks, this stock appears to be growing normally not "self topping"

    Looking at these pics, I just noticed it's not alternating nodes where the preflowers are but I know i saw alternating nodes on one of the stocks, gotta go have a look.

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  10. It probably is an auto. Autos can start to flower as early as 2 weeks.

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