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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by evelhalo, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. REALLY RED STEM seedling
    <HR style="COLOR: #ecfcb2" SIZE=1>hey i have a baby, maybe a week old. its in some nice topsoil from a growstore mixed with some fertalizer. the sprout is growing strong and is getting about 19.5 - 4.5 on the light, mostly sun. I have been watering regularly and dripping some nutrient tea once and a while. It is still pretty small, but the leaves look to be healthy, and not overwatered.

    ANYWAYS>>>> this is bagseed and ive never seen it growing before, ive been searching alot but i cant seem to find out how to tell the difference between a N deficiency and genetics, all the info i find is about mature plants, and not seedling, would it be over-fertalizing locking out some nutes and cause the red stem?
  2. Did you have to post this twice?lol
  3. ya, maybe i should post in all the rooms, no answer yet?? I fixed my 'dro seedlings, their stems are almost all green now, its just the soil im having trouble with, any other nute probs besides ph lock up (think mines around 6.8) or is it the strain

    i can post a pic if its helpful
  4. Dude!
    Regularly? Once in a while? 1 week old?
    This has overwatering written all over it!
    My seedlings did without water for 19 days on end!
    And you can forget about adding nutes to your plants for the next 2 or 3 weeks or so.
    If you add nutes to soon you risk killing it.

    Take it easy on our baby, let it get accustomed to life before you start messing with it.
    I know you are dying to help your plant grow big and strong but especially at this stage it's important not to mess with it too much.
  5. stems are red or purple its just the colour nothing to worry about....
  6. I had the same problem with my sprouts have red/purple stems. I checked the dampness of my rockwool where the roots are and it was a lot more saturated then i thought. I cut back on the watering and everything seems to be doing better.

    I concur with with the water problem.

    Damn 4:20 and no weed to smoke. :(
  7. They are supposed to be green.
    Red or purple = non-optimal grow = problems.
  8. I doubt that. the LEAVES r suppost to be green not the stems..?
  9. stems are green as well
  10. ...not in seedlings? From what i remember when all of my plants ive planted the sprouts all had purple stems

  11. I think fever that your memory is fading fast, while red stems is not unusual it is a definite sign of overferting, and considering that he has already been ading ferts, he'll be lucky if he experiences nothing worse, and if he continues along the same path his plants will surely die.

  12. I thought that coloration was part of the plant..



    so these plants are in trouble?

    seems like most my stems have a red/purple tinge like this to them. the main one doesnt seem to though.
  13. While certain strains may have red stems in general that occurs when a plant reaches maturity/ late flowering. Just like other plants that have other than green leaves/stems MJ when young should always be green.
  14. so.. the pictures i posted, thats over nute? or.. ? i mean my PPM is only 550ish atm and it soaks up around 50PPM every day (that i add back the next day)
  15. In my ebb and flow i have purple stems and that is with no nutes at all. Just distilled water.
  16. As far as I understand red/purple/brown stems can be a results of :

    1.LST Stress
    2.pH soil problems
    3.too cold temperatures
    4.P def

    and others I'm sure.
    It's a very common 'problem' you'll see on many plants, easy to induce.
    As long as the plant is not showing any other signs of difficulties you can probably let it be.
    It's difficult to troubleshoot, easy to misdiagnose, so easy to apply the wrong 'solution' and mess up your plants even more.
    Take it easy!

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