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Really reallybad red eyes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ashadeofgreen, May 21, 2010.

  1. I smoke basically everyday and I've been doing so for the past couple of months. Whenever I do, I get the nastiest red eye and make people comment on how blitzed I must be, but that's the thing -- I'm not even THAT high because of my tolerance. Is there a reason I get such bad red eye when I smoke? I wear contacts every day, could that be the culprit?
    Is there anything else I can do other than eyedrops? I always have a bottle of green Rhoto's on me for this very reason.

  2. im the same way, i wear contact, smoke all the time, someone could pass a blunt il take a few hits (not much) and ill have really pink eyes, happens to a few a my friend, i have one friend and she can smoke all she wants..never affects her eyes, guess its just the person
  3. yah this happens to me sometimes. I wont feel high at all but I look in the mirror and my eyes are red as fuck
  4. i have contacts as well. And i like Rhoto's ice.. They like stained my eyes. o_O
    I rarely get red eyes unless im like super faded. Jus use em everyday like you would a prescription. :bongin:
  5. ya my eyes dont get red at all when i smoke. its wierd
  6. use visine and no one will quistion u anymore:smoke:
  7. I already use Rhoto's. It's not using eye drops that bothers me, it's the fact that my eyes get so damn red and I have to put drops in before I go in public lest people thing I'm some sort of demon.
  8. i find that sometimes, not always, but sometimes, holding your hits in for less time than usual, or the minimun you can, and attempting to make sure you dont cough (can become impossible depending on many things but, it can be attempted) you put less pressure on your eyes (it puts mad pressure on them coughing and holding your breath, and since weed increases blood flow to your eyes, in MY opinion, more pressure = more blood, i cant prove this so dont go saying this isnt proven, cause i know hahahahahha)
  9. the more you use drops the more of a resistance your eyes build to them, and get redder and redder w/o em and they start to lose an effect....unless it's a place I really wouldn't want ppl to know i'm high, just leave em, if your friends comment on it or make fun of em, just say what i do...."yeah, my eyes are red, guess I did a good job"

  10. It's just the way weed effects different people ways. I don't wear contact but and man do my eyes still get baked... even when I'm not that high. But I like it because its the typical high look haha

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