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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hoko, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. k well i put some more seeds in and got a few to germinate and one of them is germinating really weird you know the tip where the stem tip comes out well it came out of the side and the tip is still closed and hasnt cracked alright well if you cant picture it yet let me show you the stem cracked the seed in the side and is coming out this little hole that it punched out and the rest of the seed isnt cracked yet well i was wondering if i planted it would it cause problems later cause if the seed cant crack later it will be screwed any ideas?
  2. Don't hold me to this....but my pot master landlord said that if the seed sprouts out the side it is more likely to be a male plant once it grows. Has anyone else heard this or am I giving bad information? :)

  3. man i think theyll go just fine but im not 100% sure on that so dont hold me to it but mine didi that once and they didi ok
  4. I've heard about the tap root out the side is a male plant to but never having one yet I'd say plant it and see what happens, at worst it'll be a male or simply not grow or you'll get a beautiful girl out of it.
  5. just started 4 lowrider#2 in hydro :)

    first time grower

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