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  1. This question may be short, and it may be dumb, but i still need an answer. I have a dual spectrum (half = 2700k / other half = 6500k) big ass CFL, half the bulb is a bright white, with a blueish tint, the other half is a softer, yellower colour. The question is, which is the 6500k and which is the 2700k?

    i thought the blueish one was 6500k for vegging, but the yellow tinted side is hotter to touch, and colour temp is defined by the colour given off from the temperature right? so liek....shouldnt the blueish one (6500k) be hotter?

    anyway, which do i want for vegging? blue side or yellow side?

    any help is appreciated, as im going away for a few days and dont wanna leave my green under the wrong spectrum :/
  2. you want the blue spec, 6500k.

    word up. 1 cfl though? how many plants?
  3. The yellow one is the 2700K bulb. Used for flowering, though you can grow start to finish with just 2700K. Or use both at the same time all the way through as well.

    You will most likely get less males when growing from seed if you use just 6500K while in the veg cycle.
  4. Where did you hear this? As far as I know, sex is in the DNA which is already set in the seed. Definitely have the 6500k facing them in veg though, it will keep stretch down.
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    In just about every grow guide I have read and in this book:

    During the veg cycle...
    Blue light produces more female plants.

    Also, more nitrogen and less potasium will produce more female plants. This is based on scientific studies.

  6. Tu che noober. I just learned something new. Check this out, I ripped it off another forum I found on Google.

    The full environmental theory explained:

    Sex of the plant is influenced the most during the 1st-3rd week of vegative growth. If given these 5 can increase the number of females:

    1. Your nutrient levels. Research shows that a plant receiving slightly elevated nitrogen levels and reduced potassium levels will increase females. SO.. +(N) -(K)

    2. Increase humidity and moisture. (YEAH, I know, this can raise temps and pest/fungi risks...just read on.)

    3. Temperature. Keep temperature steady and try to minimize flucations in the temps. The ideal temperature is 69F degrees, or more generically 65-75F. Any time temperatures drop below 60F or above 80F, the plant is stressed and tends to increase males. SO...Temps between 65F-75F at all times

    4. Light Spectrum. Use only the blue light spectrum. At this point it is more about color than intensity. Use a MH or a CFL with the 6500k light spectrum. This will increase females. Blue Light, 6500k

    5. The light cycle. It is shown that the more hours of light the plant recieves the more tendancy of a male to show up also increased. A plant begins producing trace amounts of flowering horomones at 15.5-16 hours of light a day. So instead of having the light on for 24 hours a day, only use 18 hours of light a day. This secures vegative stage, but also increases the females. Soooo...18 hours on/6 off

    Anyway, I purchased white rhino seeds from Nirvana once upon a blue moon and germinated 5 seeds and ended up with 4 females (which I thought was pretty good). I assume it is because I made sure the 5 steps above were followed.

    Also there was something about ethylene, which is given off by ripening fruit. Best source is an apple, banana second. This is supposed to be done on seeds I think. Cool shit.
  7. Right on bro. That's one of the pages I saw when I was researching for my first grow.


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