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really pissed off

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by younggrassmoker, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. ok so me and my friend had some weed and we asked our friend to roll us a joint because where at school and we didnt have papers. so ha jacked our weed it was 4.5 grams in total. so he said its his now thats how the drug world works. so basically hes dead i told my friend how gathered some of his friend and one of the local drug dealers who he ows money too, its made me feel good that all these people had my back. thats how the drug world works my friends where pissed hes going to get it. but im still out 60 bucks
  2. If you just asked him to roll a joint, why the hell did you give him all your weed? Sounds like you earned that jacking, really.
  3. hahaha what a asshole only 4.5 g he could have just asked im pretty sure yall didnt mine if he smoked with yall since yall asked him to roll it
  4. haha, i dont think you need all those people
    just walk up and punch him 4.5 times good and hard
    a punch for each gram
  5. but he stole it and never gave it to me

  6. He said it was his friend.

    Anyways, just kick the shit out of him.

  7. i thought he was my friend he turned on me
  8. pure

  9. *sigh*

    ...someday you will learn, younggrasshopper
  10. Fronting/Giving weed is like love, you only trust someone once, then never again.
  11. #11 wraughbit, Feb 11, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 11, 2009
    If you can't tell one of your friends would split your relationship for 4.5g's of weed, you probably need to reconsider who you're hanging out with... Jesus, you dumb ass. No, Jesus, not you. YOU!

    "That's how the drug world works." That sounds like something some one would say in 8th grade.

    That's just a relative guess by your name, either way grow up and learn to live right before you start smoking weed.
  12. Your solution is the good ol' roundhouse kick.
    Be more careful with your stuff.
  13. did u expect him to roll u a 4.5 gram joint.....?
    "here take my 4.5 grams and roll a 1-2 gram joint with it please, thanks"

    thats like saying- "here you can get a hit off my bowl, and hey, why dont u just hold onto my bong for a while if u want"
  14. ok this was during lunch at my high school
  15. First of all. Your retarded for handing over 4.5 grams or w.e it was for a kid to roll a J........... Second of all fuck that kid up and get your shit back.
  16. #17 Jankydank, Feb 12, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 12, 2009
    Everybody's first reaction is always violence :( You don't need to beat the shit out of him to get your weed back. Hopefully some day all of you internet gangsters will grow up.
  17. I don't understand either, if you wanted him to roll you a joint why'd you give him all 4.5 grams?
  18. so we got most of our shit back the dude got a black eye i thought he was a nice guy because iv blazed with him befor but he turned on me that day
  19. you sound like a kid man.

    as fucked up as that is, it is sort of the way it is.

    i'm sure you learned something...

    it'd be better to lose .6 that 4.5

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