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  1. Years ago my husband and I came across a stash left by tenants when they were evicted. Turns out they were dealing all kinds of drugs in a big way and there was a major bust. Someone actually got back in the house because they must have left stuff behind and we found walls ripped open, etc. But they missed one bag. Was probably 20 bags 1/2 oz. Of course we put it to personal use but somehow along the way when we were moving it got misplaced and I just found it! 25 years later!!! Unfortunately the baggies did not stay tightly closed but there appears to be no mold. Just very, very dry and still has an amazing aroma.

    My point?? Should I smoke it? I am a bit nervous about it.
  2. What can it hurt? Try one bowl and if it's causing some type of problem then stop....if you have a vape I'd use that since the weed might be harsh
  3. The potency might be less, but as long as it is not moldy, you are good to go! Think of it like cooking spices- they slowly lose flavor over the years, but are still OK to use.

  4. if it still smells amazing I would say its ok

    but remember that not all mold is visible
  5. yea if theres no visible mold and it was dried properly its prolly fine, may have lost some potency, but give it a go. I'd say maybe look at it with a magnifying glass to see if there is any mold. otherwise best of luck to ya.
  6. They probably taste like shit. Especially if they were just in bags and not vacuum sealed and frozen. But they should have some potency left. You should take pics I want to see what 25 year old weed looks like.
  7. No you shouldn't smoke it.

    You should distribute it to the youth.
  8. Well, just fired one up and so far just a bit harsh. Burning really fast but I guess thats to be expected because it is so dry. I did check if moldy and saw no sign of any. Not feeling much of a buzz at this point but I'll check back later with results. I'll try for a pic later Demiurge.
  9. Damn dude, where did you misplace a bag of weed for 25 years without finding it?
  10. LOL!! Hubby put it in my garage for safety. Somehow we just forgot about it!
  11. Your best bet is to make edibles with it.

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