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  1. I started off a seed in my bamboo planter. It got larger (about 6 inches tall) and I transplanted it into it's own pot out of the window sill and under a flora 18 hours a day. I also planted 6 seeds total in 2 4 inch pots. They grew well, too. I transplated them all into different peat pots tonight. I was gentle, hoping they don't die off. Using Miracle grow seed starting and then miracle grow garden soil mixed into the transplanted pots. Any suggestions to keep these guys alive and growing well? The transplant seems to have stunted the bigger ones growth. In the mornings when it was in the window I would see signifigant growth every AM, haven't seen any since transplanting day. The large one is a month and a half old and the smaller 6 are 3 weeks. First 2 pictures are before transplant, second 2 are after. Thanks.

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  2. MG soil will burn them as the time release ferts kick in, unless you are using the kind that says organic. Using window light will make them stretch... you should move them all within 1-2 inches of a cfl and leave the light on 24 hours for best growth. Also best to do 24 hours because it doesn't look like you're working with a light sealed grow box.
  3. maybe my bigger one seemed to stop growing because it was out of the window.. makes sense

    i'll go get a CFL today.. i am considering making a grow box.. is it really that important?

    also, can marijuana handle peat pots?
  4. check out the sticky on cfl. you need to buy diff ones for veg growth or flower. also 50-100 watts used per plant- so thats 2 or 3 per plant if you get the smaller ones
  5. yeah you want daylight (the blue looking ones) cfls for veg and for flowering if you want good nug you'll need an hps (250w or 400w are actually pretty cheap online). A grow box is 100% necessary because your plant won't bud properly without solid dark cycles.

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