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  1. so i got this friend he is/waslike a brother to me well we had a fall out all last summer and reconnected but hes owed me money for ever and he keeps makeing up excuses has a job and 2kids to support 1 on the way and another 1 thats not his knowing he cant smoke on the job and still smokes lives at home with his gf parents dosent pay any bills no car payment no insurence but yet he can spend like 400 bucks a week (not on the kids) but cant pay me the fuck back and its not likei ask him to buy me shit (wich he dosent) and when he runs out of money he takes his gfs money that she uses to support her kids and spends it he took and spent 3k that was for them to move out with3 months ago

    well my questilon is should i say fuck him and only go over their to see the kids whiel hes at work (intill he quits or gets fired) or just say screw it in genrel?
  2. kill that mofo.

    not serious
  3. How much does he owe you?
  4. from what i remember a good 45 but ik he owes me over 2oo that ive just charged to the game
  5. dude , if it's not like 10.000 dollars or something just forget about them and your pal also. A man like this dosen't deserve friends or kids
  6. Lol at the above two post's; I don't know if I read them right. Anyways I'd ask politely, if there is no attempt to pay you back I'd just forget about it. Unless you do believe it's over a hundred (or so). Then I suggest you become the aggressor ( In a non-violent way).
  7. That guy sounds like a total d-bag. Cut your losses and forget that POS exists.
  8. That money is GONE, move on already - sometimes you need to just cut off all ties, and this is one of those situations.

    Also in the future - remember this - ANYTIME you lend someone money you should just count that money as a gift not a loan, because 9 times out of 10 you won't get paid back. That's why money and friendships don't mix
  9. its only cost you 45$ to realize that he isn't your friend. pretty cheap
  10. Eugh I hate people like that, I was in the same situation a while back. Managed to get him to pay it back after a major confrontation, I'm just sad that's what it took. It's not like I don't like the guy, we're good friends and I've known him 10years or so, he's just a complete douche when it comes to money.

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