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Discussion in 'General' started by hcarter50, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Ok, I had like 3 grams and a joint on me and I got charged with Possession and Paraphernalia 2nd degree misdemeanors. I bonded myself out before I was booked in to jail, so I'm not supposed to be in the newspaper( I live in a small town and this is huge ) ... I plan on pleading youthful offender since this is my first time... I graduated 5th in my high school with a 98 gpa and have never been in trouble with the law except for a seatbelt ticket. None! So, first question, what are the odds that I am given youthful offender. Also, I got a full ride to college through scholarship... And since youthful offender is supposed to be unviewable and not show up on your record, does that mean that if I get youthful offender, my scholarship should not be affected?

    Also, I am 18 and I paid my bond and used my college dorm address and won't be in the paper... is there anything that they would do that would tell my parents of the arrest? Or is it actually possible to get youthful offender, put this behind me, and completely remove this part of my life?

    I am also planning to apply to Med School after college, will this show up to the med school on my record or will youthful offender be shielded? Also will it affect my job options? I plan to be an ophthalmologist after all is said and done....

    I may have completely screwed up my life and I am a nervous wreck as to whether what I can do in order to put this behind me...

    Thanks to anyone who will help..

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