Really need help what to do???

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  1. Im in a small grow tent and have to monster ladies and a smaller one in 3 gallons.
    my issue is there so damn big and bushy
    i ran out of room. i was not expecting them to blow up like they did.
    should i start trimming all lower bud branches? and if so do i do a little hear and there or all at one whack.
    really dont want to stress them.
    also flower just starting to get a little siZe, will a ton of leaves fall off on there own?.
    would appreciate any help anyone could give me

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  2. Try and find dry a few dry leVes and trim those be careful not to trim to much plant material could kill ure babys

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  3. Strip her naked. Look at what super cropping is. If you look at my background aviator thing is how I grow. They are going to explode until week 5. Look into bending methods and so on
  4. Get a bigger tent or split them and use a spare closet with another light and extractor ect
  5. thanks alot guys for the suggestions.
    but i read not to cut at all in flower and some say to chop away but a little a time.
    really dont want a hermie or worse and put alot of lute into my grow to tue point where im considering getting ride of 1.
    but its my green crack one and cant being myself to do
    so i have to figure it out.
    Thanks guys... Will of course take amy other suggestions opinions.
    BTW height is not a issue right now just the wight.

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  6. Plants double and often triple in size after they're put into flower. If you're working with a small tent, you really need to consider then when choosing what strains to grow. But you've got your tent WAY too full and you're not going to help yourself by doing that. You'll harvest more good bud from one plant that gets the proper environment and strong light than you can by trying to flower 3 in the same space. The size and density of your buds is directly proportional to how much good light they get during flower (assuming your plants are healthy to start with). It's not about how many nutes you put in them or anything else...though proper feeding is important. I have no idea what size your tent is, but you have to give the plant enough space to get the light it needs to mature other than just the very top of the plant which is what you get when you shade out the undergrowth. You normally get only 8-10 inches of penetration below the canopy anyway, but having your plants that crowded together means you get none. TWW
  7. i topped my ladies and know bout the triple in size during flower, just with the new nutes and light im using i just didnt expect to them to blow up like they did.
    i do agree with u do and feel they would b better with the more room.

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  8. Pics would help for better suggestions. How far into flowering are you? A 3x3 tent could hold anywhere from 1 to 9 plants depending on your grow style and strain selection. It's all relative to how long you veg, train and trim. Are you training the branches down, or are they growing naturally?

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  9. A little less light each day will make the plants feel like winter is coming and theyll finish up faster
  10. Try low stress training and indica vs sativa indica grows about a foot bigger in flower stage where sativa is no guessing what will happen. Def want to keep them in veg until you get the size you want then add a few feet to best serve your availability and accommodations

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