really need help on this CFLs

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  1. Hi

    I have a cab that is sized 40W cm x 40L cm x 60H cm.

    And I have a A/C fan which has 80 CFM for exhaust fan.

    have passive intake hole.

    1. I bought 6x50w Cfls and 6 sockets and 1 extension cord. so total, 330w , is it OK to wire all 6 cfl on one extension cord?.

    2. is 80 cfm fan good enough good to make a nice air flow based on 330w ?

    please help mee!! thanks.
  2. 1. Yes its fine. CFLs are low wattage. Most sockets in the wall provide 15-20 amps. 6 CFLs won't even touch that. If its to much your circuit breaker from that governs that particular wall out flip will trip.

    2. No one can really tell you that since every grow is usually different in design. Your best bet is to set it up turn it all on and monitor the temperature and tweak it till you get what your looking for.
  3. Yeah everything rhap said is correct

    Try to aim for temps in the 75-80*
  4. thanks guys

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