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REALLY need help for a possible school drug test!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrWhiteboy, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Before i get started, i am aware of using search but everyone has a different situation along with different body weight and all those other things.

    I recently had an incident occur and i think there may be a possibility of me being drug tested at school tomorrow. Its been more than a day since i have smoked but if i do have to take a test, i will most likely take it tomorrow which would make it 2 days after smoking. It will more than likely be a urine test. I weight 151, under 6" height, 18 years old. I am currently drinkin as much water as possible, no i wont overtake and water poison myself. I am mostly a skinny guy with not much fat.

    I dont plan on using any of those detox products. I would like to know how much water to drink and what i can use to make the piss yellow cause i have heard that they could get suspicious if its completely clear. Also till how long should i keep drinking before the test?

    I would only like advice and help from people who actually know what they are talking about and have experience.
  2. if i were you i'd fake sick tomorrow to give yourself an extra day as for the other stuff i have no idea but i dont think 2 days is enough.
  3. THC isn't soluble in water, so that won't help.
  4. Substitute. Get someone elses urine. I doubt the school can watch you piss.
  5. refuse to take the test, they cant make you do shit
  6. I think it is illegal for a school to drug test you but Iam not sure. If you are 18 you can refuse taking it because its not like your applying to a job.
  7. Dont take the test... simple as pie. If you have to though....

    Get a balloon and have a good buddy piss in it for $15 and take that balloon to the bathroom, cut a hole in it, and let it flow like there is no tommorow. Dont sweat it too much, school drug tests are gay as hell
  8. If your school isnt gonna send it to a lab then do what i did. Go to CVS and buy those 1000mg VitC disolvable power. So all you need is that and some salt. Assuming the facility has a sink, just add warm water to the vitamin C and salt mix ans shake it up. The lady just dips the test in your "urine" and it will obviously turn up negative.
  9. If you're in high school, they won't make you take a drug test. Most likely just a rumor, happens every year around 4/20.

    btw, if you're 150 pounds and only 6 inches tall, you must be a funny looking dude :laughing: Just fucking with ya, but that's what it says in your post.
  10. I do not know why they should be suspicious of you if it is clear I mean it is still urine in the cup. Clear urine only means that you are properly hydrated and stuff, your urine is not supposed to be really yellow all the time.

    as far as a school doing a test I am not sure since I am not from the states, the only drug tests I have heard of around here are on college/ university sports teams. But in college sports apparently it is more of a memasure for if they move onto like professional sports and are used to getting tested.

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