Really need help! First grow

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  1. First off this is my very first grow

    I'm growing in cocotek
    Royal cookies
    10 days since planted 8 days since sprouted
    2x 300w led vipar
    Purified water
    About 22 inches away
    I water everyday in the after noon a little
    I'm using a fabric bag I don't really know how many gallons it is but if I was to take a guess around 3-4
    The first three days after it sprouted I only watered with calimagic and purified water
    Ph is yellow i tested with the vial tester came with ph up And down
    I think my ph meter is messed up I bought the 3in 1 thinking it was a good deal but it's like a whole 1.0 off the meter it doesn't add up with the vial tester so I'm trusting the drops so I ended up buying a better one just waiting for it.

    So yesterday(Day 5 since sprouted) I decided to put floramicro 1/4 floragro 1/4 flora bloom 1/4 and 1tsp of calimagic
    But I never poured the whole gallon I only poured untill I seen run off but my run off ph
    Its green not yellow
    So today I tried to lowering the ph when I watered today and now the run off is yellow
    Haven't gotten my ppm meter yet

    Temps varies around 69 at night - 83 day one time it went up to 88
    The hudmity I read online to keep it around 70 or 80 for seedlings
    So mines is at 65-80% the first two days it was at 90%
    Using a hudmifier

    I'm concerned about the brownish tips of leaves and yellowing it's also growing kinda slow in my opinion compared to other videos

    I recently just got a fan one day ago and now the hudmity is at 60-70 with a temp from 68-79 through day and night

    Could someone help me out to find out what's wrong with it or tips/tricks to help grow

    The first set of pictures is from two days ago

    I added a fan lowered the humidity and watered with purified water and cali magic for one day then I added 1/4 micro 1/4 gro 1/4 bloom then calimagic
    And now this is recent pics


    three plants in total

    Please help me out I don't know if that white stuff is mildew or mites and my plants are growing slow. Two plants are in 3-4 gallon bags and one is in a cup

    Also im having difficulty watering I don't know if I'm over watering 2 inches down it's slightly moist but when I stick the 3in 1 meter it says it's wet about 9 inches down am I suppose to wait till the bottom gets dry I just don't wanna go through root rot or anything I read about.

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  2. Did you pre charge your coco? You will have a hard time with the two in the 3-4 gallon pots - it will be difficult to control the moisture with such a small plant in such a large pot - you will have very slow growth until the plant can establish a root system - you can't feed everyday in a pot that large. The one in the cup will be easier to control, however next time use a 50/50 coco/perlite mix for fast growth - it allows more oxygen to the root zone. Never use just water or you'll mess up the cations - always use 1/4 strength nutes until the plant grows a bit, then up the dosage.
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  3. Way to much watering for starters. Second the seed naturally has enough nutes to get you through up to 30 day though I give a 1/4 dose of cal mag around day 21. Less nutes and water us always better then add nutes very slowly as the root system develops. I grow autos in 3 gallon pots. I prep them with a good flush prior to planting then let the seed rip. First 2 weeks Im lucky if I ever have to water. Slow and steady wins the race...
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  4. Heres a day 24 fastberry auto pic. Best of luck.

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  5. I respectfully disagree - you do realize that he's growing in coco? I assure you that there are not enough nutes in the seed to get a plant to this in coco - 30 days old.
    4.5 weeks.JPG
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  6. No you are right Coco is different but all seeds provide enough nutes for atleast 3-4 weeks in soil its nature is all I was saying. By all means step right in if you have good advice since I use a mix of pure organic with absolutely no nutes black gold organic with added pearlite Never had a plant fail me yet in over 22 years. Best of luck!
  7. Very nice looking...You have more experience with coco so keep up with the good advice. Happy Growing!
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  8. Thanks

    Before planting I poured 2 gallons of purified water then the last gallon I added 1 tsp of calimagic

    my perlite and coco mix is about 70/30

    I'm worried about the white dots and brownish tips and also how often should I be waterin in 3-4 gallon pots

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    I've been watering everyday about 32 oz of ph water with calimagic added

    I'm gonna stop watering until it's kinda moist

    sometimes the top gets light brown and then when I water but I'll wait hopefully it works
  10. All of these the reading I did before starting DWC about soil was the knuckle deep rule... basically want it pretty damn dried out before you water again and that's a good way to test... the roots won't get enough oxegyen and stunt growth...
  11. Yeah I agree and have used this method as well with soil during veg. I was a big fan of strain hunters though and have found letting her dry out a bit helps explode growth as well. So you really need to learn through time and take note on growth. I prefer the weight of the pot when doing soil and I always keep the top covered witu dry material to avoid fungus gnat issues. You guys are way more advanced when it comes to soiless and hydro. Happy growing!
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    The white dots on my leaves are they spider mites or mold?
  13. Sounds like powdery mildew. Are you misting the plant as well or keeping the humidity high?
  14. Just keeping the humidity high before I lowered it it was 70-90
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  15. Mine seem to do fine on around 40-50%

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