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Really need a quick answer !! Cannabis plants

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jasperr95, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,
    Me and my buddy are now in france, in the middle of nowhere.
    Yesterdag we were walking in the woods and we found a single marihuana plant.
    Its was to young to pick the buds, but the plant was already well grown, like 2meter. It has many buds but still little thc on them.
    We would like to know what we can do with the plant, cut it, pick the buds, take the seeds?
    If i cut the buds, will they still grow in water or ground or can i smoke them if i dry them ?
    If you cut a branch, and put it in water, will a plant come out ?
    Please help us !

    Sorry for my bad english
    One love:smoke:
  2. A single marijuana plant in the middle of nowhere? It is likely someone's plant.

    It is a little too late to take clones. Any branches you take won't have enough time to mature if stuck in water. Any buds you take will not be very potent this early in the season.

    And do you really want to rip someone off? Do you want to be cause of the next "Ripped off! :mad: " thread? [​IMG]

    I would just leave the plant alone. Go back this fall after the first frosts hit. I will bet that its owner will have harvested it already!

  3. Hey, Its sure that its someone's plant... Don't do that, you'd be a real dumbass, & i would come & slap you. It could even be one of my mates plant (i'm french), so you'd better not :D
  4. Hmmm, rippers deep in the woods, middle of nowhere... I'd be looking over my shoulder, karma is a bitch.
  5. dude what a coincidence im here visiting in Europe and i found some "weed" plants in my grandma's backyard!! they were wild and its not the same plant that produces buds. The THC "buds" are actually seeds, and the plant does not yield buds. However, me and my brothers cut the plants down and then later noticed that the mini "buds" were actually seeds, but we still were able to collect all of the Trichome part on the off "shell" or "pod" of the seed. its kind of hard to explain but the seeds are in little pods, kind of like a pea. and we smoked that and got a little high. But this plant is really common and it's not real marijuana. its hemp plant. It's not anyones plant.. its wild. My grandma would never grow weed either
  6. Read this granny^
  7. If you take that guys weed you are a complete asshole. Leave it be.
  8. Show peace, love, and respect to another brother smoking the same plant as you. Leave the plant alone. One Love :smoke:
  9. Lol wait til the buds are huge and bag it and run for the hills! You'll thank me when your at home :smoke:
  10. Thats the problem, this is our last day here so we need to do it this night, and its nobodys plant, its there for people to see what they used in the middle ages as herbs. So its not a stoners plant, its from an oldbasterd who doesnt know pot:smoke:
  11. Leave it alone

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