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Really leafy bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kraminator, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Recently picked up an 8th from a local grower, but his buds looked different then other bud I've picked up. First off, it's really fluffy, but it's also very leafy with almost no hairs. I was thinking maybe it's a male part of the plant, or that he cut it too early/did a poor trimming job. I smoked some and it still got me high, but I was just wondering if this was out of the ordinary.

    And no, I can't get pics because my camera is broken right now(trying to get a new one).
  2. If it was a male than you wouldn't be high.


  3. Probaly just schwag/shake.
  4. I don't think it was schwag because the leafs that are there are covered with trichs
  5. its probly hi mids or a really low kush
  6. Sounds like decent genetics but a shitty grow.

    Hence, schwag. :(
  7. when does leafy bud mean schwag? personally i love leafy bud the shakes good for blunts

  8. Sounds like some mids. I think shwag would be bad genetics and bad growing. Also if it is really leafy, it probably was poorly trimmed.
  9. shwag is bad genes and not much effort put in ( throw some seeds come back in a few monthes) thats shwag you probably got untrimmed uncured bud thats it trim it yourself see what it looks like...and not all buds have hairs and its deffenitly not a male plant theres no buds on a make plant and theres no thc
  10. your in frisco too?
  11. well more specifically 650, i buy from a friend

    he probably just trimmed/grew it poorly...but I'm not complaining since an 8th is a huge amount due to it's fluffy/lightness, and it gets me high. not to mention it was 35/8th

  12. haha ok then good... if it gets you high and its cheep dont trip on it
  13. ......sometimes I wonder why I check this forum any more. :rolleyes:
  14. OP- it's just a little leafy because the grower failed to trim it properly. doesn't make it unsmokable or bad bud. it just means it added a little weight to your bud, so you should have gotten a slightly lower price for the 1/8th. not a big deal though it sounds. and the fluffiness...some buds are just fluffier than others, either because of the strain (perhaps more sativa) or it was handled well and never crushed during the time it took to get from the grower to you.

    not true. schwag is schwag because of the way it was grown, harvested, handled, processed and distributed. schwag seeds can be grown into high quality dank with a little TLC.
  15. I dont mind leaves as long as they have enough trichomes, for example:

    If there really is alot, you could tell your dealer to hook it up more since all your weight is leaf.
  16. yeah same. i cant believe not everyone in the world smokes the same weed as me.

    jks loser. some people just cant get the same quality of hooch as you, so neck yourself ya yuppy cunt.
  17. It doesn't look exactly like that(I wish), but it does have a respectable amount of trichs.
  18. haha good because last night i bought an ounce for 35 bucks (shwag) just for fun because i wanted to roll a 5g blunt and haha there was a fat talking 6gs...and i ripped it in half and about 16 seeds came rolling out of it haha and im going to plant them. so im glad i was proven wrong thank you :D

    ps the nug was 6g's before the seeds came out haha
  19. I don't care what quality bud anyone here gets. The point is I'd way rather smoke buds than leaves and if you wouldn't then you don't know too much about the plant and shouldn't be trying to give (wrong) advice to others and miseducating them.

    Keep your ignorance to yourself. ;)
  20. Yeah i agree with what Kraminator said, just ask ur connect to give u a bit more bud, caus u got too much leaf.

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