Really Interesting Stats On Wasted Money

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  1. Drug War Clock | DrugSense

    This is a clock on how much money is wasted on "The War on Drugs" Pretty crazy to think about and just all that money is wasted on irrelevant stuff. Crazy, right?
  2. that is one of the most brain crinkling things ive read
    every second it goes up 500 bux
    seriously wtf dude
  3. We definitely need to ADD to this drug war total.
    $90 Billion in wasted money involved with MEDICARE each and every year.
    When the "right" drugs are pushed and profited from, it's all good. :rolleyes:;)
  4. I am glad you think Medicare is wasted,,it is the most efficient healthcare program in our society and no insurance plan can touch it. Being as I paid for medicare for 40 years before I became eligible to use it and yet to spend a dime of Medicare in the last 5 years,,I think i will keep it.
  5. FRAUD, Clay. Medicare FRAUD. Over-billing. Things of this nature. It's well documented there are tens of billions in fraud every year with this program.
    It used to be the Pentagon with golden toilet seats and $200 screwdrivers. Now, it's Medicare's turn.

    I know PLENTY of doctors who hate medicare. It's useless if you can't get treatment with it. The amount they'll pay for procedures is making some docs turn Medicare patients away. They lose money on the transaction.

    Way to look out for your own "special interests" by the way. ;):D:wave:

    In any event, in the spirit of the supposed "fiscal cliff" whereby they insist they need to tax us all more, the drug war and Medicare fraud should not be above questioning in this whole mess. :cool:
  6. Fraud,,3 million Americans served in Viet Nam,,1 million is all that is left but the VA has 9 million people claiming to be VN veterans,,there is fraud in every government program.

  7. I agree with this, Medicare is too easy to scam. I'm on Medicaid for my MS, and my doctor refuses to write me more than a single month of any of my scripts. Turns out he charges a $45 "consultation fee" every time he rewrites one of my scripts. It's mostly a good program, but I've never met a doctor who wasn't greedy enough to scam ANY insurance program that comes his/her way.
  8. gah 500 a second fuck i wish i had that non-existent money to blow
  9. The docs I feel for, overall. Long hours, and all the bureaucracy they have to put up with is mind boggling. I think the health care corporations (or "non-profits" as the gross misnomer goes in this state) push for such tactics. It's not the doctor's call. My doc knows damn well I've been dealing with my diabetes for 33 years and that I do a damn good job and not much changes, if at all, visit to visit. Still, I can see how they want all my appointments all scheduled out bam-bam-bam every three months for that steady cash flow. It's a waste of time to me and my doc.

    I've seen things like in FL where all these "medical device" companies sprang up everywhere. They could over-charge on all kinds of items. Things like a $90 back brace where they charge $900 to "train people how to use it." :rolleyes: This is where $90+ BILLION a year is being siphoned to.

  10. Heh, love the amazing health care of America. I can break a finger and have to spend hundreds.
  11. very interesting.

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