really, how safe IS ordering by mail??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by dragoon990, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. well, ok, call me paranoid(kuz i AM ;)) but isnt ordering seeds by mail major heat? ive already done it, but that was from province to province.. im now gona be ordering into canada from out of country.. i know, i know, everyone will say.. HEAT BAG!! but the deal i got hooked up with is just WAYYY to good to pass up because of fear of getting caught, and i think it IS possible that i shouldnt be as wary as i am..?

    could anyone who knows about canadas policies and stuff like that help a brother out? seriously, if you have any information for me that could ease my fears or cause my brain to stop bouncing around inside my head it would be much appreciated.

  2. ok ok.. does nobody know about the security of sending seeds through the mail?? could anyone plz help? thanx.

    PecE OuT
  3. You asked about Canadian policies on sending thru the mail. USA policies are different. here about 99% get thru customs no problem. The rest, Customs confiscates the seeds and sends you a nasty letter saying that someone tried to send you an illegal product to your address. Then they let paranoia take over.

    But why should you go out of canada. is local, albeit in Quebec, and their prices and selection is top notch.
  4. well, i am ordering from a friend of mine who is actually in these forums. mcurry is going to send me 110 feminized mazar seeds for less than $250 cdn. 110 feminized mazar seeds anywhere else would cost me about 2700$cdn. thats why i have to find out the best way to send international, but ive found one that is guaranteed to work, after research from a number of sources. :D

  5. Well considering probably 90% of growers order this way....probably about as safe as it can be.
  6. I was going through the exact same thought process. There are so many people doing it that I think it doesn't really matter. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  7. could some one private msg me on the laws and process for teh US? i live in Fl and i wanna order some seeds but would like info b4 buying through mail. so if that could happen it would be most appreciated. thanks~
  8. I haven't had any trouble with my orders.

    Just check out the places you order from before you order to see how they ship..
  9. Yo Budhead.. where do you order ur seeds from?
  10. I have 4 different strains, email me on info and ill forward it to you.
  11. been safe for me, still be careful
  12. all you guys that say its safe, Do you order the seeds directly to your house?:)

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