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  1. Me and my buddy were arguing about how kids nowadays are all about technologies and selfies and shit like that, but I had the argument that it's normal, if we as kids had the technologies that they do now, we woulda done the same, every generation changes, kids just pick it up the most. who agrees

  2. I get really botherd that my girlfriends little 11 year old sister posting instagram pic and calling her other 11 10 year old friends bea. (Short for babe which annoyes the shit out of me that now kids use..) posting bein single mems.. I do not agree with this..i say leave the soical media to adults kids should be what kids should be doing playing at f****** play grounds.
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  3. Your friend has issues, those are basic facts that everyone should be able to realize by themselves.
    Kids in the next 10 years are going to be worst than kids today.
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  4. I see 30 yr old women with more selfies on facebook than i have pics of my kid
  5. It's not the kids, it's the parents. You don't have to get your child an electronic babysitter.
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  6. Thats what im saying...
  7. ^^this.
    All parents have to do is check their wifi settings, block facebook, twitter, instagram, porn websites, you can do all these within a few seconds.
  8. Or just not get your kid a fucking computer.
  9. I would have to disagree with you, we have to keep going forward, nothing wrong with getting your kids computers if you can afford it, and control them.
    You and I didn't have those privileges when growing but still there is no need to hate on the new gen of kids.
  10. Its not what they do its turning out to be what there parents are letting them do. I understand about moving foward but lets be more smart about the idea also not to be afaird of a new gen.
  11. I totally realized that, and that is why I said "nothing wrong with getting your kids computers if you can afford it, and control them."
  12. People from the 50s hated kids from the 80s

    People from 1800s hated kids from 1850s

    It's always gonna be different

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  13. Yup, so true.... maybe i will go crazy one day
  14. My 12 year old has just had his fb and Twitter deactivated. He keeps arguing with girls and telling them he loves them. Plus he has a thing for Red Tube lol.
    The problem these days is kids see things online and think it's how it should be. Now the reason I did this to him was to teach him a lesson. I don't want him to come home and say he got this girl pregnant.
    He did come up to me and say thanks mum. It's nice not to have my phone constantly going off.
    I just hope it sinks in that he needs to concentrate on school and not birds.

    But they don't know what being kids is these days. I told my boys to go and play in the woods. All 3 of them asked what was the point and what can they do. Ffs even as a girl I was always climbing trees and getting shit high in mud. They rely on computers way too much. The don't know how to be kids

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  15. man if it wasn't for the porn I would've had no idea how to even begin fucking my girl :/
  16. Constant selfies and all these other social media sites these kid have access to are another thing.

    What really pisses me off is the slang words. Now I'm in high school myself so I'm constantly around that kind of talk. People calling each other "fam" "bae" and people saying "stg" (swear to god) "Finna" don't know what the hell it means but it's constantly being used in sentences like this "imma Finna find you" lol like I just don't get it it doesn't make them look any "cooler" it just makes them look stupid that they actually fell into society's trap.

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  17. Also what pisses me off is the fact that now a days all these kids have there iPods and iPads and iPhones AT THE AGE IF FRIGGEN 8 YEARS OLD!

    And when they have access to those type of technology there going to start learning about things faster there going to start swearing cause there going to see ppl doing it and think is okay.

    I've already seen it all on vine..oh don't get me started I am constantly seeing these videos of kids swearing and ppl posting it thinking it's funny like NOOOO why would u get ur kid into those kinds of words so young and laugh about it like it's a joke..if I ever swore when I was that age id get soap in my just disgust me

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  18. Go forward where? We can't even decide that being gay is socially acceptable as we are now. I'm pretty sure we need to clean the house up before we try to expand.
  19. I've used a computer since I was 2 years old lol. My father writes software so computers always seemed important to me. It turns out computers are a good way to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, so please, keep your kids off the computer if you think it's that destructive to their well being. I definitely used computers too much growing up, but anybody thinking that kids shouldn't have access to technology just because they're kids needs to really think about why they don't want others to have things
  20. Computer science major here. Quoted to cosign.

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