Really grinds my gears.

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  1. I'm a religious person, I consider myself a christian, although I have some personal, spiritual differences that I won't bother to get into right now.

    I was just reading a Thread started by Weedseed, about his religion, and he offered a good way to find answers if you don't have them. He said multiple times in the post that if you don't want to, feel free not to, but that he was simple offering his advise to the people who would like it.

    Now, he got countless posts after, mostly of the atheistic nature, saying how it was dumb, and basically saying his ideas were bullshit. Someone even had the class to tell the story of jesus crudely and sarcastically. Mature aye?

    What really gets to me is this. There are countless thread on this site and others every day about people not believing in god, or ranting about how they cant stand that people DO believe in god, or how stupid they think it is. Yet the SECOND someone puts up a post implying the person believing in god, they get flamed to no end, and start getting all of these things thrown at them about how the bible isn't true and how they have to be crazy to believe.

    The number one thing Atheists(I'm speaking ONLY of spiritual beliefs, not attempting to define a person by their beliefs) say about christians is that we try to push our religion on other people. Personally, I truly don't care about other people's beliefs. I have MANY friends who think christianity is a joke. As far as I'm concerned, if that isn't the right belief for them, then so be it, it literally doesn't bother me in the least.

    The thing I'm starting to notice, is just how hostile people who don't believe in god get towards people who do, for no reason.

    Just crazy how there is such a sense of criticism against people of faith. I even remember back in high school(catholic high school) kids couldn't even be seen by other kids mouthing the words to prayers, or GOD FORBID were seen even mouthing the words to the church songs. and that is just absolutely rediculous in my opinion. I was one of those kids, who had to keep still during the church services in school, simply so I wouldn't be made fun of.

    I'm happy to say that now, I will admit openly to people now, even people who share different beliefs, that I'm catholic... I will make the sign of the cross in public if an ambulance goes by(old family kinda thing my mom taught us).. with no shame.

    I just don't understand why when any Christian, or anyone who believes in god for that matter, says ANYTHING about his faith, he's immediately jumped on saying he's pushing his beliefs on people, and immediately thrown about 1000 reasons why he's wrong, and usually they're laughed at. However when someone has a topic about spirituality or philosophy and someone makes a post about god, he gets flamed and told that that reason is retarded.

    I know this was long and I apologize, but this is something that has bothered me for a long time now.

    ... I just cant wait for the atheist brigade to swing in and link me to websites that show how the bible is wrong, and how dumb I am for posting this...
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  2. Honestly, I appreciate you taking the time to say all this... I can't tell you how many people automatically assume I'm a Christian when I capitalize God.

    Well, you know what they say: the best defense is a good offense. :rolleyes:
  3. Now a days 9/10 god arguments that happen I stay out of, and 10/10 I try to stay out of.

    It's just not worth it. I do the grand search only for myself at a pace that feels right.

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