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Really good Vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by S\/\/IM, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. TL;DR | SWIM wants a vaporizer that never makes him feel the urge to smoke a joint instead.

    Hey Guys, just to let you know, this is my first interaction on this forum so don't go hard on me if I make a basic mistake ;)
    So, swim wants a really good Vaporizer to stop smoking herb. I looked into ren.dnb's guide for newbies and can therefore rather precisely tell you what swim wants.
    I probably also shouldn't forget to mention that swim needs the vaporizer for HERB ONLY.

    ++ Efficiency (get the full potential out of any given amount of herb - considering the high and the flavor) => therefore convection style heating element (I guess)
    ++ Portability (NO Desktop Vaporizer / Volcano or anything similar)

    + battery powered (no butane) and manual
    + at least a tinyyy bit stealthy (not bright pink or neon green is all I'm asking for)

    I would be really happy if you could provide some links, info on brands or personal experiences to help swim find a suitable vaporizer for swim. Thank you :)
  2. Why are people still using..........SWIM !?!
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  3. #3 S\/\/IM, Aug 23, 2016
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    Because weed isn't legal in the whole world yet, i guess... :)
  4. Sarcasm and general disrespect will not get you the answers you seek.
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  5. tell Swim- a conduction vaporizer will be the closest thing to smoking and give the biggest hottest hits.
  6. I don't really think that was disrespect, tough I admit I wasn't happy that an experienced member of the community who apparently had just recently dealt with vaporizing gave me nothing but an
    unnecessary reply with a self explanatory answer to it.

    I wasn't being rude or anything but all he did (and you aswell btw) was not even trying to answer my question;)
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  7. Op, do yourself a favor and visit

    You'll find a plethora of info there. It's a site dedicated to vaporizers.
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  8. ^^ The absolute best advice. Go there.

    Btw, I still don't understand the whole SWIM thing, even in states or countries where cannabis is illegal. THAT is why I asked the question.
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  9. Ok, I'll answer your question. A really good vape: Haze Dual v3, two ovens (switchable), conduction semi-convection, flowers,concentrates, e-juice, four temps, ability to load cans for on the go, ten year warranty, the best customer support in the industry, easily adapted to water, looks like a small flask for discreteness, and they have a program where you can trade your clean working Haze in for any upgrades. Your vape will be donated to MMJ patients in need. This is a sweet vape. Check it out.
    Like Ron B said "Op, do yourself a favor and visit"
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  10. Thank you for the detailed answer, I'm going to check that one out!
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  11. Call me paranoid or whatever - some people just preder it that way. And sorry, I didn't mean to offend you earlier.
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  12. Flowermate 5.0s pro hands down best vaporizer I have ever used in my life. I highly recommend looking into it!

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  13. what about the 7.0?
  14. Arizer solo/air's are nice

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  15. Arizer Solo is what you seek. There is a 1500 page thread just for Solo over at fuckcombustion.

    Join FC and read a couple of pages recent comments. I don't recall anyone unhappy with a genuine Solo.

    You can ask in the Solo thread if folks would buy a Solo if they had a chance to "do it again"

    The Solo can share stems with the Arizer Air. The Air has the advantage of having batteries that can be swapped so you never have a vape with no "juice"

    These are conduction units primarily. I have been using my Solo and Air at the top temperature but I only have the stem inserted into the vaporizer while actually drawing.

    If you decide on the Air I will tell you where to find a code that will give you an Air with an extra battery for $199 Canadian which is about $155 USA.

    You can also call Randy at Puffitup and discuss your needs and ask about a price match.

    You probably don't know it, but Ilwien is kind of royalty around the vape websites. Everyone is jealous of his low tolerance.

    Welcome to GC. I have found the vaporizer resources to be much much better at fuckcombustion, but I like the edible info here.
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  16. Thanks for the shoutout, sick.

    And in regards to Randy, I gotta say that the service that Randy provides, both before the sale, during the sale and after the sale is beyond reproach. He's what customer service is all about.
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  17. I fully endorse this post especially the bold.
    Arizers make high quality, low maintenance vapes. I would go AIR because of battery swap but the Solo is a great unit too. Desktopwise I would go with Arizer EQ. For the price you get a quality, versatile vape.

    I have the EQ which I use less now since I got the AIR but still fire it up every once in awhile.
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  18. Sorry I just saw this I personally have not used the v7 and have heard not so great things about it.

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  19. I just got a Volcano Vaporizer, so expensive and wanted one for years, can't quite get into it though, it's so dependant on the temp and getting it right it pisses me off. But I have to start using it for health reasons. Adulting. It'd be fun they said.
    It's the transition from combustion to vaporizing that is difficult.
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