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really fat people getting high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kottonmouth_kid, May 19, 2002.

  1. ok, i was sitting here reading and someone said sumthin bout fat,
    since thc is stored in fat cells, if your really fat, do u stay high longer...just curious. i love fat people!
  2. and will this make it much harder to pass a drug test...more fat is more thc...i dunno, im asking u
  3. For drug testing the amount of time THC stays in your system depends on your metabolism(sp?).

    For getting high if you are 6'2 and 350 you'll need to smoke more than the guy who is 5'8 150 to feel the same effect.
  4. thc is stored in fat as metabolites, but once its converted to be stored this way its no longer active...thats the same information the government and DARE groups misconstrue and vomit out in pamphlets with "facts" like "marijuana stays in your system for up to 24 hours keeping you high".....damn poopheads

    A very active and physically fit person can get thc out of their system much faster than someone who is inactive and someone else said, its all about your rate of if you have a drug test coming up, and youre not in very good shape, then id suggest running on that tredmill nonstop for three days beforehand all the while drinking "clean pee" and cranberry juice.....never fails!

  5. False. THC is stored in fat...but the thc that gets you high (delta9 i believe) is in the bloodstream. Once it is used it gets converted and stored in fatcells.
    i know a fat guy that'll be gone off a lil bud.
  6. Yep, not true... the most seasoned bongneck in our crew can't weigh more than 100lb, and he can (and will) smoke more than anyone else I know. And pull the largest amount of skunk in a bong you could ever imagine - I've never seen him fail in all the time we've caned together - pretty much a daily basis.

  7. Thats just called lazyness.

  8. ??
  9. im overweight, but i dunno if i stay high longer than my thin friends
  10. Im 6ft tall and weight 375lbs, all fat, no muscles, and I can get completely baked off half a joint of some mids. It is very easy for me to get hi as fck. If i smoke a whole joint, im in outer space and fast.
  11. I'm 6'3 and i used to weigh 300 pounds now i weigh 230 and i've probably gained 20 pounds of muscle at least. I can't tell any difference from then to know as far as it effecting my high or tolerance. I think it just stays in your system longer since you have larger fat cells.
  12. Yeah, but generally skinny people have faster metabolism too so
  13. I agree with ksaint. Not that I lost 45lbs, I don't feel any difference. I'm always good with 1 bowl of high quality bud, like sour diesel or purple kush, but I can always use another and another. I'm sure everyone, regardless of size feels the same way. I'd say it's more about experience, the more you do it, the more you can control it and build a tolerance.

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