really drug free?

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  1. Theres this place I really wanna work at. In their front office there is one of those neat "drug-free workplace" signs. But Ive gotten to know the management there. They dont seem to be big fans of government policies. They were laughing it off when told me about one guy getting gel-coat on his face and eye. Is it possible they do a pre-employment test just to please people and leave you alone unless there is a serious accident?
  2. You better hope so! Because if you fail a drug test, you're fired!
  3. Not EVERY place drug tests.

    People be paranoid as shit these days.
    Who gives a fuck if you fail a drug test....

    They don't call the GVT agencies and let them know you smoke weed.
  4. You've got a point, but I don't think a call to the government is what people would be concerned about, getting fired is.
  5. A lot of government jobs do drug test though..
  6. Boss: "Hey Bobby, Call the Pentagon! We got a pothead!"

    They recieve no government grants or contracts.
  7. Then they most likley wont test you, unless you show up to work with eyes red as the devils dick.
  8. i show up to work stoned as fuck and if not i'll just roll one and spark it up next to bossman:devious:
    he dont smoke but iam a G like that..
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