really dont like e-marijuana juice etc

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  1. I have some carts, good ones. but i never really got high from it, just a bit buzzed.

    for me to get high on carts i'd have to cough out my lungs aka take huge hits and hold it in.

    seems like 20% thc flower buds much better for the lungs
  2. I mean my personal issue with them is that it's THC etc, sure...but it's basically got the be mixed into what I'd consider adulterants in order to work in the liquid/juice form...not to mention if they do "flavoured" ones like they do with other vapes etc...
    It's just some bullshit that isn't weed in there...far as I can see, I don't need it, and I don't want it.
    I vape using an herbal vapouriser - that's what you want.
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  3. That's definitely the healthier way to go. Vaping glycerin isn't so great for the lungs. Also, why mask the flavor of weed?
  4. There are CO2 oil and rosin cartridges, in CCELL carts, with only terpenes added to liquify. They are expensive, but I'll bet you would like them.
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  5. Whenever "carts" are brought up I like to mention the fact that there's an epidemic of fake carts out there and if you're not buying it directly from a dispensary it's most likely fake and possibly very dangerous.

    That being said real carts are usually just extracted potent weed oil with the added glycerin or whatever to make it vape-able and for flavor if they want to add anything they'll use terpenes. So while they are adding them in a sorta "fake" way it's still chemicals you'd find in weed. Of course not including the glycerin
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