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really damn irritated

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FallenOne08214, May 13, 2010.

  1. ok so I buy through my homeboy who has a real good connect. He's cool with it cause I always fire him up. Last night he tells me to his him up whenever today and we'll go pick up 2 dubs. I've been trying to get ahold of him ALL day and NOTHING. I needa get me a dub and my neighbor a dub before he goes out of town. I'm not worried about my green. I can get it when ever, but now I look unreliable to my neighbor who needed his green by1. It is now 4.
  2. I hate that feeling you get when you don't follow through because of someone elses mistake. :(

    Oh well, if your dealer doesn't show then just tell your neighbour the truth, if he's chill he will understand.
  3. I told my neighbor I never got ahold of my guy and will try again tomorrow. Maybe he was just having a bad day? Oh well, my neighbor is going out of town and said to hit him up when he gets back on Monday.
  4. i cant stand that. honestly i would ten times rather get a reply from a dealer saying that he cant get me any bud that day than to not get any reply at all. its not that hard to send a text
  5. QFT! That's my problem right there. I wanted a reply to at least say "Sorry, bro. No good today." instead of no reply at all.
  6. well who knows you always gotta remember maybe somethin went wrong with your connect
  7. I txted him tonight while I was watching Robin Hood. I asked if he wasn't in the mood to chill or what's up? He replied with "Work." so idk I'll see what's up for the weeknd. Time for another resin/keif/couch weed bowl. :/

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