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    All my other baby's look fine but this femm Lemmon kush is looking off and has some sort of burn or defecincy

    It's under 2 sun blaster wide spectrum t5ho lights (I have 5 of them if you think I'll need more up soon?)
    Miracle grow expand and gro (I know it's not recommended but all I could find right now)
    Had a watering yesterday but I'm trying to dry my soil out a bit as it has moisture control and can easily overwatter any help is really appreciated as I'm really unsure what this is and I'm not the most experienced [​IMG]
  2. I think you need to transplant them in to either coco or soil.
    That stuff will hold moisture pretty good, which means the root system is probably pretty good....but that stuff only last 6months then all the nutes are all gone, but remember weed is different the you're average house will suck that stuff dry of nutes in like a month.
  3. Really?? So should i grab some black soil?

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  4. Not sure where to find coco?

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