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  1. Ok so I started my freshman year at UW about a month ago.

    Thats when I met my grad assistant english teacher. She is very sexy btw. Anyway the first week of that class we began writing journal entries. She told us that we could suggest our own topics for the class to write about. Well imidiately I decide that im going to suggest that we write about marijuana legalization. A day and a half later Im in the same class and we do infact write about marijuana lagalization, which sparks a huge debate in class. After that class I walk with her for about five minutes before going to my next class, discussing marijuana the entire way. She wasn't exactly for it, but seemed to tolerate it to an extent, mainly with me.

    Then earlier this week we had to write a six word story for our journal, I was blazed as fuck when I wrote this, "the cat ran around the bush". I get this entry back today and she wrote ,"was the cat high as a kite? -smiley face- j/k. :smoke: she is pretty damn cool, and definately favors me to a certain unspoken extent.

    Just thought I'd give my cool teacher some recognition.
  2. When you end up having sex with her, get it on tape.
  3. That is all:smoke:
  4. For your eventual legalization paper, may I suggest using "Granny Storm Crow's list" (stickied in Medical and linked below) as a resource? There are literally 100s of links to studies and articles on MMJ .

    Good luck with the classes!

    Granny :wave:

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