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Really Bad High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GrifsPiffs, May 10, 2011.

  1. Okay, so I was hitting a volcano for the first time in my life last night. It was like six people vaping a gram. We got two party bags full and I got like a solid 4-5 hits. My friends went for a cigarette break and I decided to leave home. As I was walking home I noticed that my heart was racing but I shrugged it off like I usually do when I'm high and told my self it's nothing.

    But what got to me was the extreme pressure I started feeling in my chest that would not go away no matter how hard I tried not think about it. My left hand was like involuntarily moving on its own and touching my right shoulder and each time I tried to lower it the pressure started building up again. It was fucking hell and I felt like I was going to die at any given second. But at the same time I comprehended the fact that I was fucking obliterated and was able to sort of give out a nervous chuckle.

    The high was also really psychedelic, but as much as I tried to pay attention to those psychedelic aspects, I couldn't get my mind off my chest. So I got home and had to fixate myself in these really weird fucking positions in order to not feel the pressure in my chest. I was constantly trying to reassure myself that I was just high and everything was in my head. Eventually I just slowly dosed off on a couch and then went to my bed.

    But god damn, I am so glad that is over. It was a fucking terrifying experience and I wish I knew why the fuck that happened. I think my body just doesn't go too well with the herb, because of all things I've ever done, it's been the only thing that has given me panic reactions. And I really think it is physiological and just purely psychological, because my trips on potent psychedelics are naturally way more intense in character but not in the paranoia/anxiety aspect

    This really sucks because I remember for about all of last October/November I would have this same chest pressure panic reaction. Although I must say that non of those paranoid experiences comes close to what I had yesterday, that was just pure hell. Then one day I got really blazed and just decided to put my full focus on the TV instead of my chest and it went away on it's own. I haven't experienced that same paranoia until last night. I tried to post this last night but I was just like physically incapable. It's so strange how the herb does that. I definitely will be taking a big break from it but I really appreciate your insights on this Grasscity. Thanks...

    Also sorry for posting this in another section, I just thought I could get some good advice from seasoned tokers
  2. nothing to worry about my friend, vaporizers can get you ungodly the first time, especially because the high creeps up on you. next time try waiting like 10 minutes between hits if you're ripping the volcano, ease your way into it
  3. sativa in a vape will do that :smoking:
  4. So you're saying it is normal to feel like you are about to die?
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    You probably don't smoke that much or rarely smoke good weed. Great weed + low tolerance + first time vape, can easily do that (especially if you're not that seasoned of a stone).

    I say that because I don't take your posts that seriously and don't really believe you. Another thread you posted in few months back: >>

    Not really, pretty sure you've never put it in a vape before.

  6. no, you just smoked too much
  7. You made a good point about one of my previous threads. That is a good observation.

    It's unusual that in that sense weed had a calming effect on my gastrointestinal tract but the heart-racing thing was a result of anxiety.

    And I have a MFLB and have used a Vapor Brothers, so I'm not new to vaporizing.

    I think my safest bet is to just stop blazing for a while. I have way too much shit on my head nowadays and I should probably make some positive changes in my life before I start smoking herb again.
  8. For some reason my vape isn't getting me ripped like I think it should...


  9. What kind of vape is it? Also, vapes are supposed to produce a different high from smoking
  10. You're not dead, try again.
  11. When stuff like this happens just remember that nobody has ever died from cannabis, rest easy knowing you'll live :)
  12. weed increases heartrate, and fear increases it even more. then panic sets in and it just takes over. It was just a bad experience. Next time you will know that nothing will happen, even if your chest feels funny, and you will be able to forget about it and enjoy. If you are worried about it going into the session, then don't smoke as much. You shouldn't be scared when you smoke pot.... it's like the opposite for me. I smoke to relax.

    >>>Griffin- if you smoke a lot everyday, vaporizers don't have much effect (for me and most I know, but not all), I bought a volcano when they first came out, and could only get a slight head change from them. Had to resort to bongin it. I'm sure if I just stopped smoking and kept vaping for a week, my tolerance would go down, and vaping would get me ripped. Same with you.
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    Those things can happen (esp with some dank sativa), it's really not anything you did wrong. A lot of the side effects can be managed-drink lots of water to stay hydrated, eat food to mitigate blood sugar dropping (which apparently happens and feels worse in a panic attack), breathe into a bag to avoid hyperventilating more (which helps a lot).

    No worries. Before i smoked, I saw a friend do that and it really looked worrisome. He even bet me $50 he would die (and never paid me! Though that probably wasn't a good move, not like i could pay him haha). Hope one bad experience doesn't turn you off from it all.

    Also-good stuff on the mflb. I think vapes just take longer, especially with more tolerance and it's harder to gauge how much you've had sometimes. Its not the vaping! Sorry for the long post. Smoke on man!

    Edit: also, I know my friend's attack happened after he had a bunch of issues he had to work out. Weed can sometimes bring out whatever's on your mind, good or bad. Use it to compliment the good, cause escaping the bad can be scary. Woaah I went to deep. Good luck!
  14. Yeah I'm gonna take a month break and take care of the things that are affecting me negatively. I never want to go through what I went last night again...
  15. Well.. when you start smoking again your tolerance will be non-existent so do not smoke a bunch and tweakfest.
  16. Smoking isn't for everyone?
  17. I have a vapor box. which is basically a vapor bros
  18. same thing happens to me, but with smoking.

  19. It happens each time you smoke?
    What do you do to help it pass and how long does that usually take?
    Sorry for all the questions man lol

  20. Dude its fine. I have the same problem and I'm always asking questions. It happens to some degree every time, but it always helps to smoke less.

    Personally, to make it better, I change activities. If I'm on the computer I'll switch to listening to music or watching Tv. Usually helps right away. any more questions don't hesitate to PM me.

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