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Really bad high or not hash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ItsJerrr419, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Alright so i might just have had a really bad high but this is the most unsual high i have ever had and so did both my friends that i smoked with. i picked up some hash from a friend because he quit toking and still had a bit so i decided to do some pooks ( butting a small ball of hash on a cigarette then letting the smoke fill up in a waterbottle then inhaling it) which i smoke everday but when we got to our usual place to get munchies after smoking we where all so fucking high then we all started having like visual hallucinations and couldnt even properly talked my friend started freaking out because his high was so unlike any other weed high we have ever had . the high lasted like 6 hours long here is a picture of the "hash" i dont think it was laced maybe we just had a bad trip but in the 3 years of smoking almost daily we have never had that kind of a high .any ideas? i dont think it was a greenout because we have all green out many times before and the high was just so fucked felt like a completly other drug

    btw if you see any green or crystals on the outside i put it in my weed bag .

    pictures of the hash ^
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  2. Looks like hash. That is very strange. If you want to send it to me I'll see what I think.
    How much did you smoke?
  3. like a small ball like half the size of a eraser on the tip of a pencil we usually poke like 5-6 balls before getting a high that why i am so confused
  4. Maybe it was just some killer strong stuff, I've only smoked hash twice now been smoking daily for years, and this hash had me and my aunt stoned for several hours.

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  5. maybe but in the 3 years of smoking ive smoke dabs smoked just straight keif joints and i have honestly never been as high as that got me like my vision was so impaired and my fingers where distorted looking like i had 3 fingers and shit like we where tripping the fuck out
  6. Buy more before they run out
  7. yea turns out it was just really good shit and we had just taken waaay to much we had been doing bong rips the whole night i guess we werent use to something getting us that high because of how high tolerence we have

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