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  1. Hey you all

    sorry my first post ever and its going to be a call for help. I'm super blazed and my annoying laptop isnt streaming any kind of video. Even when I try to stream songs on youtube it just randomly stops and goes back to the start and i have to refresh page to let it load again and boom it happens. this has happened since ive plugged my xbox in the router for xbox live.

  2. Man, I've always stayed away from the X-Box like it was a thing with bad consequences. Can you unplug it as a temporary solution?
  3. i wonder why i didn't think of that earlier.. but I just did unplug the xbox and restarted my change. It's so annoying you know. I'm the sort who likes to blaze up and and surf the internet and listen to good music. Help will be greatly appreciated. I have a shitty Toshiba laptop with windows xp. broadband internet and been facing this problem since yesterday. No changing in internet setting except plugging in 360. Umm, i have also tried firefox and internet explorer. I will send $5 to whoever fixes my problem!
  4. please help someone
  5. Obviously all the techies are out getting wasted.

    I wish I could help. :(
  6. unplug ur xbox

    turn ur router off for 15 seconds

    turn it back on

    hopefully this works
  7. ^
    this is what i always do when my router or xbox is fucking up. it always seems to work...eventually
  8. Update your network card drivers and or your video card drivers.
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    man you gotta restart your modem and router and xbox and let it sit for 30 seconds then turn on your modem(wait for it to start), router, xbox and connect your internet in that order.

    Should work it usually works for me.

    Make sure you wait until your modem starts before you turn on your router and disconnect your xbox temporarily until everything is on.
  10. Your computer might just be getting too bogged down with shit.
    I'd suggest:
    - Deleting any unneeded and massive files/folders
    - Doing a Disk Clean-Up
    - Maybe doing a System Defrag (This takes a few hours but works brilliantly at speeding up your comp).
  11. ..........:rolleyes:............

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