realllllllly bad couch lock, can barely function

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  1. so for the first time in several months, i ate a coconut oil indica cookie from the dispensary....just recently got back into mmj community and my mmj physician recommended i try coconut oil edibles for anti-inflamitory ibs related issues.....

    i have been couch locked for 8+ hours....when i was peaking i almost felt like i was paralyzed, unable to get off the couch and could only navigate by flopping around lol

    now i feel couch locked but not as bad...i was wondering if coconut infused canna edibles last longer? considering they absorb better?

    also, what do you do when you have bad couch lock, do you just wait it out?

    I wonder what would happen if i tried bike riding, maybe ill get more energy?
  2. Wait it out?
    Enjoy that shit.
    I know I do.

  3. i enjoy it, but i can barely do stuff. i can hardly get up and play video games lol or atleast it feels that way
  4. Wish I felt like that right now.
  5. [quote name='"chillycheese"']

    i enjoy it, but i can barely do stuff. i can hardly get up and play video games lol or atleast it feels that way[/quote]

    Haha I've been there.
    Let's say I didn't fully realize the power of a gravity bong until it hit me about 7 bowls later when I was a new smoker.
    How it didn't kick in sooner I couldn't tell you but holy fuck, I just flipped on a movie and tried to pay some attention to it (and failed)
    I couldn't do shit!
    But alas, it was a great high.
  6. should i eat a sativa brownie now for more energy?
  7. [quote name='"chillycheese"']should i eat a sativa brownie now for more energy?[/quote]

    If the question is ever to consume more weed, the answer is yes.
    Eat 2
  8. Ima start taking Dabs ill meet you in the Cloud 9 bar for drinks in 20min :smoke:
  9. lol yeah am super hungry all i have to eat is edibles lol i guess i dont have much of a i love the taste cannabis in edibles :)
  10. drink some LIQUOR

  11. ahhh drinks sound like a good idea right now
  12. You can do it man..

    You just need to get to the fridge..

    I know its hard.. But refreshments are there.

  13. The below may help to explain or demystify why you had such a good (well, good for some of us! Maybe in your case I should just say 'strong' :p ) experience....

    An excerpt from a previous post concerning the rate and type of absorption provided by different 'edible solvents';

    Oil/solvent types...

    That's right! Different triglycerides are absorbed and processed, by different parts of your digestive system, when using a specific oil as your solvent, your solute or cannabis glandular material will take on its unique absorption properties.

    By encouraging portal vein and liver absorption via medium-chain or MCT containing coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and to a lesser extent clarified butter which contains roughly only 1/3 the MCT content of the previous two, you can benefit from greater amounts of the conversion from D9THC, to the more powerful 11-OH-THC that occurs in the liver [​IMG]

    Other oil sources, with slower rates of absorption, and which bypass the liver almost all together, are simply not capable of facilitating so much conversion.

    And the volume and rate at which a chemical reaches your bloodstream, can dramatically alter and increase the intensity and even the length of the overall experience.

    LCT containing oils on the other hand are absorbed primarily lymphatically and as such encourage a greater amount of lymphatic absorption, which bypasses the liver, and can benefit patients who need to medicate via capsules first thing in the morning after a long evening and night without eating.

    Unfortunately, where material absorbed by the lymphs bypasses the liver, any material absorbed this way will NOT be converted to the more powerful 11-OH-THC, responsible for providing some of the more lengthy and intense sensations which edibles are known for.

    Sesame oil is an LCT oil, it is used as the vehicle in marinol, a synthetic/pharmaceutical cannabinoid, because many patients do need to medicate first thing in the morning, and for whatever reason, rather than choosing to make two versions, they decided to only make one that would 'work' for most people.. we all know how well that turned out. [​IMG]

    Why are LCT oils 'good' for patients who do not or can not eat before consuming an edible...

    Ideally, at least an hour or two before any edible, you should have a small oily snack.

    This feeds your liver and sates, and depletes active enzymes, preventing the liver (or the P450/enzymatic system) from over-metabolizing your cannabinoids or burning them off, and instead allows for a more gentle conversion (or no conversion at all) before the chemicals are delivered to the bloodstream.

    A small snack or meal also fills your lower stomach and the duodenum, allowing for more, and longer contact with the upper tract/portal-vein, closest to the liver.

    A well-fed liver, allows more fragile chemical components to pass through, unharmed, or under-metabolized, than a hungry, ravenous, just-waking-up liver. [​IMG]

    By bypassing the liver initially with an LCT canna oil, a patient can receive some lesser and shorter-lived therapeutic benefits, and peak their hunger, before medicating more thoroughly with an MCT canna oil.

    Once the patient has eaten their morning breakfast, or lunch, an MCT canna oil should be consumed for the best and most relief.

    Why MCT oils are BEST at controlling symptoms for MOST patients, INCLUDING those patients who can only medicate after eating, and most recreational users...

    MCT oils in particular are absorbed passively, and rapidly, almost immediately on contact with the upper tract (most oil content consumed in the average diet, is absorbed within 5 - 60 minutes after eating depending on the triglyceride count and composition of the oil; it's why bulimia is not always as effective as many people would like it to be). MCTs also do not require the aid of bile-salts for absorption, further speeding the rate at which they can be delivered and absorbed.

    The leads to the portal vein which enter the liver, are very close to the liver itself, and where it completes processing, and empties chemicals into the bloodstream...

    It's a bit more twisty, but picture a big 'U'; the U is your tract, but there are some small lines cutting through the top, connecting one point, to the next. These represent the arms of your portal vein. LCT containing oils complete most of that 'U' before trace amounts can be fed to the liver, while most of the LCT oil is more easily absorbed by the surrounding lymphs.
    MCT, or medium-chain triglycerides are absorbed on contact, without the aid of bile salts via the very first arms of the portal vein in the top of the tract, and can easily slip into the little short-cuts that cross through the top. Overall, more material reaches the liver, more conversion is had, less material is 'excreted' and wasted because the absorption process begins so much earlier. [​IMG]

    Hope this helps. :)

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