Realizing There Is A Time For Everyone To Slow They Roll

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. As you all know, I was in a coma not too long back, my memory is still real fuzzy, and I've finally found out what happened exactly. I've decided I am sticking to natural drugs, mainly weed and shrooms. But after taking the advice from Bliz, i wont be doing shrooms for a while, because of my memory being pretty messy right now and thinking it may jog my memory of the OD. Yes, I over Dosed. On alot of stupid shit. I want to thank EVERYONE for caring and all the kind words. There are too many people to thank, so I'll jus thank Grass City as a whole, as a family. No more being stupid and irresponcible with my drug use.
  2. No problem, bro. Good too see people acting level headed.

    Good luck with everything. Hope it works out for ya. And deffinatly stick with the Natural Drugs. They work best. :D

    Good luck man,

  3. Glad you are back bro, it was mad scary when I read that post!

    Keep safe man, much love.
  4. Dude you have noo clue (well you have an inkling ) as to how many people were worried about you, and I think its safe tosay that we a re all soo gald that you are ok and that you realize how serious your OD really was.

    Im glad that you are more aware about it and are going to be more careful.

    Still wishing you the best of luck.:wave:
  5. I'm so glad for you, man. Glad that you're back and glad that you're changing some things. :love:
  6. that x will turn you into an e-tard.. good to see your still alive but more so that your still you and not a vegetable
  7. Wise choice bro..just take it easy and learn from your mistakes, everyone makes em man.
  8. I'm glad to hear that man, sounds like your thinking about this the right way.
  9. if i were in your shoes i would want to jog my memory and remember every thing that happened
  10. it was more than jus a thizz overdose. Hell, that was a Death Cocktail. If I didnt have so many stoners sending positive vibes, I'd prolly be ashes sprinkled in my homies plant nutrient mix. =/
  11. i stick all natural too. Beleive me its real good. glad to see your better and have decided to slow your roll. This bowl is for you !
  12. what was your lethal cocktail, ill tell you mine. lol, glad to see your ok
  13. I'm glad your ok and doing better.

    and I'm glad to see that your learning from this experience. Natural drugs are the way to go in my opinion. Good luck in life man.
  14. Glad to hear that good news friend, everybody is glad you are back. :hello:
  15. i dont know you, but when a fellow man seems to nearly fall off like that, im always wishing they pulled through...i followed the other thread before this one, and all i can say is that you seem loved and respected here...

    as for the stopping the rolling and everything, thats a step towards being a responsible and mature person...hopefully you dont ever have to go through that again...

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